Vradiva Now is a Vradivan television network funded by the Vradivan goverment directed to audiences outside and inside of Vradiva providing content in various languajes like Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, French and Catalan. The creation of VN was a part of a larger public relations effort that was intended to improve the image of Vradiva abroad.

Vradiva Now



Vradiva Comunication
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1Available only outside Vradivan Islands.
2Joint-venture with the Trefforai Company.
3Joint-venture with Hōkusei Hōsō Kyōkai.
4Joint-venture with Organizaciones Mundo.

Broadcast television networks in the Vradivan Islands
Nationwide broadcast networks in Spanish:
TV Mundo | ATV | Canal 25 | Tele5 | UBTV | Vradiva Now Español | Vradivisión

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Al'amal | Tele6 | Alerby | Vradiva Now Arab

Nationwide broadcast networks in Catalan:
Tele34 | Tele8 | VISCA | Tuijo

Nationwide broadcast networks Multilingual:
UBTV2 | Vradiva Now Catalan and French

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Nationwide: CPTV1 Pazifikian Community: CPTV2 | CPTV3 | CPBH | CP24h | UPTV | Cgska | ITV

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