Vídeo Público de Surodecia (English: Public Video of Surodecia), commonly known by the acronym VPS, was a Surodecian home video distributor, founded by Televisión de Surodecia in 1985. VPS distributed titles from TVS, TVE and international public broadcasters such as the GRT, TVL, TN, HFBU-URFH, RBC, PBS, NTV and RNT.


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VPS was merged into TVS in 2000.

Radio y Televisión Pública de Surodecia
Televisión de Surodecia:

TVS1 | TVS2 | TVS24 | TVS Kids | TVS Internacional
News programming: Telediario | Buenos Días Surodecia | Informe Semanal | Notinoche | Gran Diario | 24 Horas
Defunct: Noticiero de los Guiñoles

Radio Pública de Surodecia:
RPS Vida | RPS Cultura | RPS Info | RPS Deporte | RPS Internacional

TVE | Radio Educativa | VPS

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