My first country has the first television companies.


  • Instiang's/Centlands' first television station.
  • In the old canon, RTCT1 never aired advertisements until now, it is exactly same as the most state-run TV stations.
  • Centlandians' TVR2 or STV1/3, or you can say, your average state-owned TV.
    • Even the imported programs are mostly from Roterlaine.


  • In the old canon, it was the 2nd program of RTCT and has advertising until now, From Educational TV > Second channel of RTCT.
  • Same as RTCT1 on above, but more infuse with TVR5, Arte or STV2/7. Because RTCT2's focusing to arts, culture, and educational programs.
  • Code Lyoko and Miraculous aired here.
    • Also some of animations co-produced with TVR such as The Garfield Show.


  • The semi-regional TV channel as not too regional as the regional TV stations.
    • Same as TVR3 or STV5/8/9 which also have regional newscasts.
    • Will It become Centerres 1ère or Istiang Centrale 1ère?
      • SRR: (laughs) No.
  • Acts Like as above.


  • The first commercial TV station.
  • Centlands' MV1 and M9. but without trash.
    • Why is Centlands' M9? Because it is also in Channel 9.


  • Neuvieme's young audiences-focused brother.
    • More trash like its main channel.
  • It has vibes from Canal 2 Talcia, hence the former name.


  • Centlands' FTA Canal+
  • A local version of Le Grand Journal

Local channels

  • TVSC: Your sources of information of the capital.
    • Because of its overpowering of its newscasts. As Results the 80% of its programming are news.
  • MonTV: Wanting to be a national channel. As results, the plan never realised.

Digital only channels

  • Avenue21: NRJ owned it. Being a Centlandian NRJ21.
    • NRJ: What are you doing with me?
  • DE23: Centlandian Workpoint TV
    • Will The Masked Singer Centlands air here?
      • As well the localized Workpoint-produced shows? Well, Videocalia did them, Especially Le Quiz Flash (The Lighting Quiz).
        • Some English-language countries: We would be take that concept and being named it as The Peak.
  • Channel 24: Smaller than others.
  • ten28: Davis, the operator of tentv owned it.
    • Davis: What are we doing with it?


  • It follows Gritainese system with some differences.
  • Using DVB-T

Cable and Satellite

  • tc, transforming communication
  • The future's orange.
  • L'avenir est passionnant. Ready? vodafone
  • O2, Plus pour vous.
  • CâbleCentral avec Altice, beaucoup plus intéressant.
    • (STR wanted to join the party.)
  • sky: First I started it as Sky PerfecTV Centerres, then Donaldo changed it to sky.
  • UPC
  • Caliacom avec Axiata.
    • Formerly the experimental 5G telco Nexmogen.




  • Esperanto-speaking DD Bharati and DD Metro/TRTK4.


  • Kalandian Sun TV (?)/Show TV.
    • Vi spektas Televidreto, la monteto kalandio
  • Full name as Televidreto Kalandio (Kalandian Television Network).
  • Nicknamed as Kvaranalo.


  • Kalandian Zee TV (?)/Kanal D/Star TV (Tursey).
    • Kalandian drama series intensify
  • A TV network founded with the regional networks.
  • Back in 2004, Comtel was owned it.
    • Comtel Donovy: What are we doing with it?
  • Promotes Kalandian nationalism and celebrity gossip stories?

La Ses

  • Kalandian atv (Aktüel Televizyonu).
  • Back to 2001, Telefe owned it.
    • Telefe: What are we doing here?


  • Kalandian TGRT
  • Televidreto's small brother.
  • Founded by newspaper La Nacia.


  • Sticking on DVB-T from Eurdecia
    • Istia: true dat

Cable and satellite

Gonghei (bot)


Changes from IRL:

  • Its TV channels: 44 years earlier than RTHK TV channels.
    • Therefore no RTHK on TBG/ABS.
  • RTGH TV33 is an English channel instead a repeater of XCTV-1 or XGTN Documentary.


  • Gonghei's first radio network and the third TV network, it's public-funded.
  • Tried to corporatize RTGH as on 1989 approved by the government, later rejected by the pressures of Xi'Ang.
  • It's known as educational television programs until 2020 when it was ended the production.
  • Below The Lion Rock (獅子山下) is famous like the theme song and spread rapidly to all the local.
    • 我哋大家在獅子山下相遇上...
  • They're "centrists", they're respecting, they're "freedom".
    • We report every news without manipulations.
    • Chu Pu Heng: The government is our boss, and we're citizens.


Changes from IRL:

  • They have the deals of Warner Bros., Universal, and Disney.
    • Idk if they have FOX too.
    • On Asikaish contents: GBS, CJ ENM.
  • Mnet Asikai Music Awards still airs on TBG J2. GHMA Awards For Marketing Excellence still sponsored by it.


  • Gonghei's largest and most-watched network
    • Also the strongest as still making "quality" programs as of COVID-19.
  • Then-owned by a film company of the Shaw Brothers
    • Also EEG (Emperor Entertainment Group) which the artists outside of it, has unofficially owned it and entered TBG's flagship music programs Jade Solid Gold.
    • R.I.P. Sir Run Run Shaw, the leader of TBG. (1907-2014)
  • Nicknamed as XCTBG (Xi'Ang Communist Television Broadcasting Company of Gonghei) by the netizens due to its XCP propagandas.
  • It's known as dramas and variety entertainment programs, Artists too.
    • Now its programs are more trashier and gonna used to be hated.
    • the best TBG "cooks" from 2010s onwards: Maria Cordero (肥媽) (one of the first neicaneses or a macamotian) and Uncle Ting (鼎爺)
    • A Kindred Spirit (真情) has over 1000 episodes, but Come Home Love (愛·回家) has more seasons than before.
      • Just like IBS' Home and Away.
  • Memes are taken from its programs and becoming famous. Most of the netizens and TBG fans always post these for emoticons.
    • The list:
    • 真係架?點解嘅?你好叻呀!
    • 吔屎喇,梁非凡!
    • 講呢啲?
    • 我最期待的畫面出現了!
    • 你餓不餓?我煮個面給你吃。(for these very hungry or not full for food)
  • Star event: Miss Gonghei and Mr. Gonghei (TVB trashed the one for male to milking Miss Gonghei)
    • The decision of its awarding is by the professionals.
    • The first non-human Miss Gonghei to be applicated is a dolphin called Ruby, first appeared at 2013.
    • 2017 is its controversial year because the competition fixing issues.
  • "Telethon" airs here.
    • Participated by the Non-profit organizations such as The Community Chest, Tung Wah Hospitals, Po Leung Kok, and Yan Oi Tong.
  • TBG has monopoly on free-to-air television services from 1967 to 1973.
    • As now, it still has monopoly on TV markets, So netizens are making acts of anti-TBG.
      • Included: Boycott TBG-advertised products or brands, Ban TBG from TV.
      • Well, TBG already banned Next Digital, the owner of Apple Daily.


Changes from IRL:

  • The government refused the 2015 cancellation and is still on air, still alive, still healthy.
  • Still unknown if it is still independent.


  • Gonghei's first TV network, at the first time, a subscription TV service, now a FTA network.
    • 仆你個街,亞視嚟嘅喂!
    • Also formerly called Remission (brought from a ITV franchise of Lendrins)
      • Unlike Remission Lendrins, Remission Gonghei operated the same way as most of its overseas businesses, as a cable television network. Probably the only part of the world where this setup existed.
    • Until the 1980s, ITV moved there to GITV and renamed ABS.
  • Currently the second largest network, only below TBG.
  • It used to be first Y-drama and Deiwanese program importer, but nobody knows.
    • Notably Kangsi Coming (康熙來了), Million Star (超級星光大道) and a cooking show (冰冰好料理).
  • It used to be a "communist" network, until its purchase to return to be neutralist.
    • TBG: I'm already into that like the past you.
    • Gongheiese Antena?


Changes from IRL:

  • Basically Commercial Television Hong Kong + IRL ViuTV with the filled spaces between 1979 and 2016.
  • It also broadcasts on analog TV until 2020 switchover, As 2016, which the on-screen promos squeezed from 16:9 to 4:3 ratio. During program airing, it has black bars like the most TV channels.
  • Only airs Viacom and CBS shows and movies from Paramount Pictures.
    • So, expect a lot of CSI, CSI: Miniami, CSI: Hopeland, NCIS, NCIS: Los Robles, NCIS: New Moreans and Fiweii Five-0 reruns.
  • MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Eurdecia Music Awards air here as well as shows from MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central.
    • Including Larsey Shore, South Park, The Daily Show, SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer.
    • That means The Anglo Awards and Mnet Asikai Music Awards promo not longer aired on there, just because of the ownership, so Thorklyn Nine-Nine would be aired on ABS instead, HBO Originals (such as Entourage), The Good Place, and Elena the Avalor also, which would be aired on TBG instead.


  • Gonghei's reality TV network
    • Just because teen dramas and trash TV.
    • Also the polar bear network just because this...
  • It's known as anime and imported programs randomly-picked from everywhere.
    • Also the dubs which sound like the local ads.
  • Its News division is by Now TV not itself.
    • Due to the same ownership of both ViuTV and NowTV, which are both owned by TCCW.
  • No.1 in the King Maker (全民做星).
  • It has parodied Miss Gonghei.
  • As the COVID-19 is affected in Gonghei, it would be worse as it is airing cartoons from outside of Hokusei or animes which are already aired on other TV networks.
  • ViuTVsix, Connect the World, we're ONE!
    • One World, Infinite Visions.
    • Local Voice, Global Vision.
  • At this year, it airs action drama White War (戰毒) featuring former TBG and police-supporting artists, and the audiences yell to cut that on the air.
    • Finally, they did it, and replaced that with another deurama.

Fantastic TV (including Gonghei Open TV and GHIBC)

Changes from IRL:

  • 20 years earlier than Fantastic TV, 28 years earlier than its TV services.
  • Hence the first logo from the Wharf TV era, it has four pieces representing the Gonghei's fourth commercial TV company behind TBG, ABS, and GITV.
  • Analog TV same as ViuTV


  • Gonghei's "smallest" network
    • Why is that small? Because nobody knows that TV station exists.
  • It just like ViuTV but with quality. TVB but smaller. And that's average.
    • Since Gonghei Cable TV has more XPs.
    • As least the dubs are same as above.
  • It was to be having Maria Cordero until 2013, her move to TBG.

Eliminated Bidders

Despite your Popularity, You got Eliminated!

  • NGTV: a.k.a. CTI-TV and Ricky Wong TV
  • Forever Top (with New Asikai TV)
  • Pheonix TV


  • It follows Xi'Ang and uses DTMB format.
  • The DTT channel multiplex numbers is the "A+B" method. Ex: TBG Jade is on 81 (8x = network number, and x1 = multiplex channel number)
  • R.I.P. Analog TV in Gonghei (1967-2020)
    • Gonghei SAR Government: It's time to sold them for 5G.
    • Useless fact: did you know that Gonghei ended analog broadcasts three months after the mainland?

Cable and Satellite

  • The two pioneers: Gonghei Cable TV and Now TV, The young one is BBTV.
    • "NOW" stands for Network Of the World
  • TBG's pay channels discontinued on 2017 to focus its own OTT platform MyTV Super.
  • Yes to IPTV.

Neicao (bot)


  • Neicao's worst network
    • I used to watch it sometimes
  • Bad quality relay of TN Internacional, the theme music too
  • It has few local-produced programs (Above its newscasts)
  • Your average small-studio public TV.
  • O canal comunista de Neicau. Due to it's overfocus on the XCP.
    • Airs the PRX anthem before the main news. Just like Gonghei.
      • March 2021: many journalists quit due to a patriotic law and criticism of the XCP is forbidden.
  • Tried to challenging Gonghei TV which the Neicaneses watched the most, by cloning their programs.
  • Good Morning Macau used to be a morning news program. but now a morning entertainment program.


  • Founded by a soon-to-be die commercial radio station and the Nolasco family
  • VCN Media partly owned by Vis, and Slivio Campos. Telecord was on the part until 2007
  • Looks like bilingual SRT's small brother
  • The flagship Cantonese channel VCN TV airs the pieces of Gongheiese TV programs which never aired on Macau.
    • The foreign programs too. Especially dubbed anime.
      • Especially Ace Attorney.
  • While NTV has South Matamanian programs, JTTV has more Palesian programs.
    • Safe for cartoons and kids programs.
      • Especially shows from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and maybe...Turma da Mônica?
        • Most of them in the Eurdecian Portuguese dub.
    • Well: NTV has Sigma's soap operas from SRT, so...
      • JTTV: Skip them.
      • EPT, Telecord and Vis: Buy ours instead!
    • Enquanto a EPT chama-lhe Chaves, a JTTV chama-lhe O Xavier.
      • That name came when SRT K brought the series. South Matamah never saw the joys (jooj) of the live-action series on local TV.
      • It ends up airing subtitled rather than dubbed.


  • Same as Gonghei, it also uses DTMB and same number method.

Cable and Satellite

  • Only one choice for cable television, it's Neicao Cable TV
  • Satellite are locally-installed, only received the channels from the nearby areas (notably from the state of Guangyang, and Deiwan)
  • It has a bunch of small satellite TV channels.
    • NASTV
    • Lotus TV
    • And also Neicao Satellite TV
    • Dim Sum TV? Who watches it?

Malit (with Gineki)

Malit was a Korean-speaking country (in the first months it had a language developed by Lumogo, but that ended up being a timewaster), but now took by Gineki to turn it into Cantonia. However they still have some vibes from Yarean networks with differences of Gongheiese TV.


  • When it was owned by Lumogo it was a Malyran YBS 1TV
  • RTGH but older at age.
  • MBS1 follows a more Eurdecian vibe, hence the newscasts.
  • Your nation-run public TV network.
  • Did you mean: YBS Cantonese?, Malitian RTGH? or Malitian DTV?
    • Definitely not Malitian XCTV. Plurality stronk!
      • RTGH in 2021: I wish I were you


  • When it was owned by Lumogo it was a Malyran YBS 2TV
  • Same as above.
  • Did you mean: YEBS Cantonese? or Malitian PTS?


  • When it was owned by Lumogo it was a Malyran GBC
  • TBG's old brother
    • Because KBC partly owned by TBGI
  • Same as TBG without Communist propagandas.
    • KBC is the "seed of democracy".
  • Malitian's home of Atashin'chi, Doraemon, Shin Chan.
  • Did you mean: GBC Cantonese? Malitian XTV? Malitian XTS? or Malitian TBG?


  • When it was owned by Lumogo it was a Malyran GBS
    • Did you mean: GBS Cantonese? Malitian ABS?
    • However, it's still airing GBS reality shows such as Running Man.
  • One of my favorite foreign channel (probably)
  • It used to be ABS' joint venture.
    • Now a most Deiwanese-invested TV network, because ETTV (later EBC) and Sanlip E-Television acquired some of its shares while ABS still majority a shareholder
  • In the 1990s, it used Against All Odds by Network Production Music for it startup and closedown.
    • Reused on 2020 at Analog TV Farewell.
  • Malitian's home of Nickelodeon shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Paw Patrol.
    • In additional, Anime of Hokusei TV and Saikyo Broadcasting System: Gundam, One Punch Man, Ace Attroney (imported but locally dubbed).
  • Contains Deiwanese contents like Mr. Player (綜藝玩很大) (since 2016 onwards)
    • Mr. Player also has local version as the special edition.
    • In New Year Eve 2021, it simulcasted New Year Countdown on Haipei 101. Only since this year onwards.
      • Others: Wut?
      • Because they want to celebrate #NewYear2021 without disputes by COVID-19. No New Year Party, No Happy New Year.

Hoi Yeung TV

  • When it was owned by Lumogo it was a Malyran TV network launched from scratch.
  • Did you mean: Malitian Hermosa TV? Malitian ViuTV?
  • Malitian's TV network for the youth with the YBN-styled trashes and Disney/ITS/ViuTV-styled teen dramas.
  • Instead to Kamsheng, it is headquarted on Guanbok. (where the TVG located)
    • HYTV: Why my headquarters isn't on Kamsheng?
      • Others: Well, you're first opened on there.
      • Because we probably haven't rooms for you.
  • HYTV: All of the independent local TV producers, Unite!
    • Malitian Communist Party: Stop mimicking my motto!

Local channels

  • Malit MX: A Saikyo MX rip-off.
  • B17 (Biuho 17): Owned by Biu Ho Today? No, it's Biu Ho Consortium.
  • North Isles Television: Nobody watches.


  • It uses ISDB-T as Hokusei.
  • The number of channels is comparable to Murakami and Deiwan.
  • November 30, 2020: end of analog transmissions, many old handheld televisions were put to waste.
    • Unless they are relocated to countries like North Yarea, Makistan and Stella Coast where analog broadcasts are still operating, for now.

Cable and satellite

  • Most of the channels are the same as Southeast Asikai but with their local feed in Cantonese (dubbed or subtitled) and local advertising.
    • Sports channels are slightly more localized with ESPN Malit having its own version of SportsCenter.
      • Same with some general entertainment and movie channels in order to give some space to Asikaish productions.
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