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    The Ministry of Health of the Centlandian government had confirmed the first origin of Coronavirus was a Chinese people who had traveled to the surrounding border areas such as Cirquine and Nadreine, these peoples had gone there by an airplane from Xi'Ang to San Cants Pearson International Airport.

    • The country is on health alert since the start of March.
    • All events were suspended until July or until the notices.
    • Flights to Xi'Ang, Sainam, Pacifliavia, South Yarea, and Hokusei were supposed.
    • The government forced to wear mask who went outside.
    • Schools were closed in March.

    • The employes of the companies (expect office workers) were making face masks to serve the peoples.
    • Peoples used to do the health check when they entered the companies.
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    Seal City Population District
    Kamsheng (金城) TBA Central District (中都區)
    Jingsheng (精城) TBA Pond Hoi District (旁海區)
    Wingchau (泳洲) TBA Jim Mei District (尖美區)
    Zither (青琴) TBA Zither District (青琴區) Read more >
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    About Sancantis

    September 19, 2019 by Thomas Kong62704

    Entreprise de Boissons Sancantaises, S.A., commonly known as Sancantis, is a Centlandian beverage company, being founded in 1928. It is headquartered in San Cants. It has a variety of beverage ranges such as soft drinks, juice, bottled water, and beer.

    Sancantis founded in 1928 as a small water bottling plant located in San Cants, being bottled from Juinie lake located in the western San Cants to there.

    In 1931, Sancantis created a small brewery called Capitole. Later, they imported facilities from Roterlaine to create their own carbonated water formula and launched their sparkling water in 1948.

    In 1953, Its fruit juice range Sancajuz was launched.

    In 1958, its range of soft drinks was launched with the following flavors: cola, orange, lemon,…

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    NOTE: This is a raw version. This will later be translated to the Spanish wiki.

    Centenime is a term of Centlandian-produced animation or anime, Its history begins at the 2000s as the first hokuseise anime-inspired short introduced. It acts like Muranime, Vranime, Kyanime and Shokanime, it airs in the various TV channels.

    In 2000s, Hokuseise Animes hit across the Southeast Asikai, included Centlands.

    February 18, 2014, the first Centenime were aired on TV, It was Tiny Thief the Series by Videocalia Animation under the license of Rovio Entertainment for the use the name from a mobile game.

    Studios Founded
    Videocalia Animation 1996
    Metrofilms Studios 1999
    UCCT Studios 2002
    Made by Hand 2009

    Title Type Company Year TV Channel Worldwide
    Hokusei Rest of the …

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    Some series, movies, anime, and others that failed to Centlands for different reasons. Now we talk about everything that was not exported to Centlands.

    • The UR version of Yo-Kai Watch was originally planned to air in RTCT2 in December 2015, but it was cancelled because it has some failures (such as translation errors, some censorship and some scenes moved or deleted). Few days later, A Centlandian French-dubbed version of the Hokuseiese version was premiered instead of the UR version, being also shown on Cartoon Network. An Eurdecian French dub (using the Hokuseiese version and based on the Centlandian French dub) of the series premiered on Boing in Roterlaine in April 2016.
    • The Death Note was banned from airing on 92 due to its extreme violence…

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