Taken from "SD Lion Breakers: Golden Endition"

  • Cannon ending: Shokaiwan declares independent from Anglosaw and becomes a sovereign country.
  • Good ending: Shokaiwan becomes independent by 1886, and becomes stronger, and the yarean minorty adapts words for the Sokaiwanese dialect. But by
  • Anglic ending: Shokaiwan remains as an Anglsovic terrtory, and adds english as a secondary langage. The only difference is when they don't have a ITV Frnachise (unlike Gonghei with GITV, now ViuTV).


Extracted from: "Anno: Cardinalia 1917"

Cannon ending: Cardinalia was divided into two replublics, and later reunited in 1917 as one nation.

Cheyennian ending: Well, Cheyenne ends up anexing Cardinalia, and transforms it into one of its provinces (Wait, what is this, New Cesterfield in the U.R.?)