Even after the Palesian municipal elections have ended (2nd round of elections was on November 29th), I want to show here some other towns that had participation on this election, most specifically, on the state of São Martins, Palesia. These are the candidates for mayor on the city of Halândia (Haaland), one of the largest cities in São Martins.


Celso Pessoa

Celso Pessoa candidacy 2020.svg
  • Full name: Celso de Almeida Pessoa Jr.
  • Political party: PP (11)
  • Running mate: William Souza (PL)
  • Coalition: Halândia Pode Mudar (PP-PROS-REP-PL-PSC-PSL-DC-PMB-PTC)

Daniel Salvini

Daniel Salvini candidacy 2020.svg
  • Full name: Daniel Rubens Salvini
  • Political party: PT (13)
  • Running mate: Paulo Mendes (REDE)
  • Coalition: Cidade que Evolui (PT-PSOL-REDE-CIDADANIA-PV)

Dr. Lima

Dr. Lima candidacy 2020.svg
  • Full name: Jorge Emílio Lima
  • Political party: DEM (25)
  • Running mate: Ricardo Sander (PSDP)
  • Coalition: Halândia que Dá Certo (DEM-PSD-PSDP-SD-PTB-AVANTE-NOVO)

Marcos Pierrot

Marcos Pierrot candidacy 2020.svg
  • Full name: Marcos Pierrot Silva
  • Political party: PSP (40)
  • Running mate: Prof. Edna (PDT)
  • Coalition: Cidade Trabalhista e Urbanista (PSP-PDT)

Mariana Schwartz

Mariana Schwartz candidacy 2020.svg
  • Full name: Mariana Meirelles Schwartz
  • Political party: PCdaP (65)
  • Running mate: Leonardo Torres (PCdaP)
  • Coalition: Todos por Halândia (PCdaP-PCP-UP)

First round results

Position Candidate for mayor Candidate for vice-mayor Coalition Percentage
PT star real version.svg Daniel Salvini (PT) Sustentability Network Palesia.svg Paulo Mendes (REDE) Cidade que Evolui 63,22%
Democrats (Palesia).svg Dr. Lima (DEM) Palesian Social Democratic Party.svg Ricardo Sander (PSDP) Halândia que Dá Certo 13,84%
Progressives (Palesia).svg Celso Pessoa (PP) Liberal Party (Palesia).svg William Souza (PL) Halândia Pode Mudar 9,45%
Socialist Party of Palesia.svg Marcos Pierrot (PSP) Democratic Labour Party (Palesia).svg Prof. Edna (PDT) Cidade Trabalhista e Urbanista 6,33%
Communist Party of Palesia.svg Mariana Schwartz (PCdaP) Communist Party of Palesia.svg Leonardo Torres (PCdaP) Todos por Halândia 4,72%
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