• I live in Belzerg
  • My occupation is Explosions

Chilean, anti-racist, anti-authoritarianism (f*** Bonoro, f*** Maduro), socdem, football, rugby and gaelic football fan, social worker, astronomist, anime and movie watcher. Yes that's it's me... I suppose.

My countries

The mayority of my nations are mock of something, think about it before reading on. Hahaha.


  • The first gapian country made.
  • It's a nationalist african dictatorship democracy like Equatorial Guinea, Somalia or Namibia.
  • Mock of autoritarian african republics.
  • It was going to be my main country, but other things happened.
  • It's a homenage to another two ficticional countries, one to the game Dolmatovia (Bogracas) and Nationstates (Catalonian Africa).
  • I created it to be a "Capitalistic North Korea".
  • Rules about Quemurilla
    • Dersboznia is the evil, unless you talk about the "Great Dersboznia" (Union betwen Quemurilla and Dersboznia)
    • Xi'ang is the evil, unless buy oil.
    • The ONFU is law, unless critizing you, when it happens that is a commie institution.
    • Democracy? Oh yeah, emmmm... wait a minute. *Fly to Sao Joao*

Vradivan Islands

  • The main country, and for a strange reason everyone's (?) favorite.
  • I had never heard of Singapore before making this country, but I love to think that it would be its "progresist" version.
  • The country it's a self-mock from far years ago, also is a mock of twitter users (you know, that's guys who think they know everything, and think they do it all right when in reality it is not)
  • Also the country is taked from a childish game (with Noega I will explain more on it)
  • TV Mundo/OrgMundo I did it as a monopoly and powerful company, which just like the country things never work out.
  • Rules about Vradiva.
    • I hope you have brought your boxing gloves.
    • A "seiyuu" (voice actor) who worked in 3 "vranimes", it's automatically nationalized (Have fun finding out who the "lucky ones" are).
      • Psyco-Pass is better than Mob Psyco, Fire Force, Anohana, Hamefura, Ueno-san, Murenaze!, Nagato-san, Takagi-san and Konosuba... But Estrellas del Balompie is best vranime 11/10.
    • Buy histories from Hokusei, then say you did them. Profit!
      • お兄さん! やめて,ください!
    • Vradiva never qualiyfing to a FFAI World Cu... shit, that rule is broken.
    • OrgMundo is the best, even when it isn't. Remember it.
    • Mr. Cuellar is God.
    • You hate the URA, but love HIQ, HOK and the EU. No question it.
      • Ok Hisqaida you are my new best friend (Tear Brusia photo)
      • Brusia: AAAAAX!
    • Bubble gums only in Castilla or Gritain.
    • If you not watch "The man behind the world" or "Die, dringo, die" you didn't have childhood.
    • Vradivan things are better, like my Mitta-Cola... Ah delicious. (Aaaand cut) PFFF... That taste horrible. Bring me that Pepsi.

New Alacania

  • The country I was "forced" to make
  • Made betwen a country called Nova Atacama (Nationstates) and a Alt History who i make... Ah, and my homeland (!)
  • NA supposly was supposed to be more crazy than VI because his model from NS, since its base was a little mock nation.
  • Cronica TV it's taken for that reason.
  • To make it more consistent take a little bit of Peru too.
    • [Insert A song of La Tigresa del Oriente here]
    • Perdone pé!
  • Rules about New Alacania.
    • Have a glass of wine, drink it.
    • Nothing happens? Drink another glass of wine.
    • Repeat the procediment until you fall drunk into a copper mine.
    • How do you think they have made such idiotic decisions? Well at least winning the IIWW.
    • Really how winning to Nacorev Hisqaida?
      • Hisqaida: It is something that I would also like to know.
    • Come to New Alacania, a beautiful land with good people, and remember if you buy this tour package in the next 30 minutes you could be the next president of the country for a day! (You could suffer an impeachment before 24 hours, it is recommended not to have legal problems in your country of origin) NEW ALACANIA LAND OF OPORTUNITIES!
    • Look a donkey.
      • Alacamenian: Yeah... You want it with egg, tomato or french potato?
      • Tourist: Wait? What?


  • My personal favorite country (made for me). Yes even if nothing happens in that place.
  • I personally wanted to take Finland, but seeing that it was a bot country, form this little monarchy.
  • Yes, Finland it's my favorite country, more than Japan.
  • The name is taken from Dolmatovia, a political roleplay spaniard game.
    • Long live to the Socdem Party! (But if you did nothing for him)
  • Rules about Karistia.
    • HO! HO! HO! Motherfuckers!
    • Take down and relaxing to the most neutral country of Gapia.
      • Switzvein and Cheyenne: Are you challenge us?!
    • We not are Voltland (Unfortunately)
    • Do not avoid taxes, and if you do not send an email to a Vradivan or Saint Joao bank.
      • Ahhh it's too hot today.
    • Hey It's too quiet here.
    • Too quiet.
    • ...
    • Fuck, I better go to New Alacania.


  • Quranim. Nice, quiet Quranim. :)
    • Karistia: IT'S A 2319!
    • Quranim: Oh not again.
  • A homenage to a videogame, very succesfull... About lawers. Now ate that hamburger boy.
    • Hokuiiforniation (?)
  • Also take some to Nepal and Bhutan.
  • Rules about Quranim
    • Remember is a "feminist" country, don't behave like an idiot.
    • Be happy. That is very important.
    • Hardwork in the countryside... Or in tourism.
    • Are you sure that Mount Everest is not here?
    • And for God sake, never get pregnant the queen. See you next friends.
      • Sir! We are the Quranimese Police! Stop it!


  • Noega the last, and the true Vradiva enemy.
    • Noega: Who is Vradiva greatest enemy?
    • Vradiva: Atlansia.
    • Noega: Before that.
    • Vradiva: Hokusei.
    • Noega: Before that.
    • Vradiva: Hokusei again.
  • Noega is made for a ex friend ficticional country, is a Vradivan up side mirror.
  • A paradise in the Transalic, with beautiful coasts.
  • E falam PARABÉNS! 우에!
  • Rules about Noega
    • Reject the republics... Except South Matamah, Palesia and True Yarea.
      • Noega: Abaixo as republicas!
      • South Matamah: What?
      • Noega: Not you.
    • We love the liberties, and you too... Except if you are a populist.
    • Look that beautiful sea... The sea... The se... Excuse me, go to the mens bathroom.
    • I don't understand, i make everything better than Vradiva. Why i are underdevelopment?
      • Vradiva: You tried make anime more than doramas?
      • Noega: Of course I... TRIGGERED
    • Some day you conquer Vradiva.
      • Castilla, Latinolia and Anglosaw: First time?
      • Hokusei: You want conquer Vradiva? I will be your teacher.
      • Noega: I prefer teach me Yarea.


  • Photoshop CS4
  • Movavi Video


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