The birth of YBN and Hoi Yeung TV

Before the creation of the third TV channel in the country, there are only two TV companies for transmitting countrywide, the one is government-owned MBS, and the one is private-owned KBC.

Mark Lee Yizung traveled to Gonghei in 1984 to ask ABS to create a new channel to against the MBC-KBC duopoly on the country television services. So, he has joined the bidding of the third television service since then.

The groups of the bidding of the third television service are:


The logo of Malitian Independent Network, listed on TBA.

  • Macrocosm Broadcasting Company (by founding its television division, later founded its cable channel Entervision)
  • Yizung Broadcasting Network by Mark Lee, ABS, and its local investors.
  • Independent Broadcasting Malit (by creating regionwide companies, the concept later borrowed by Hoi Yeung Television.)
  • Malitian Independent Network (MIN) by Hutchison Whampoa (later then-owner of Star TV), Wheelock & Co., and the local investors.

As a result, IBM and MIN's bids failed on the auction for the quality grounds, and YBN won on the bid. On February 4, 1986, YBN began its broadcasts at 16:30 with more local programming than KBC, in addition to not having the same "federal law" as that network. YBN was one of the founders of the Federation of Independent Broadcasting.

In 1993, When the FIB was created after boycotts of YBN for failing to create a network of provincial stations. Until then KBC had a monopoly on operating the decentralized network. The government decided to drastically change the television industry, making a law to create the second channel of MBS, absorbing all cultural and educational programming, and a private decentralized station with coverage in each province. 2 licenses competed, one for Kam Sheng and one for Kwanbok, initially as independent channels without any specific affiliation. In late 1994, the “independent network” project, inspired by the hokuseiese independent stations, collapse, and the Hoi Yeung TV project began to be fruitful, inspired by the gongheiese network GITV, the hokuseiese network ITS and the anglosovic network ITV, April 1, 1995, HTV began its broadcasts, simultaneously with tvG in Kuanbok.

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