Macrocosm Broadcasting Company, Ltd. (Chinese: 全域廣播電台有限公司, MBC, 全域電台, 全域廣播電台 for short) is a Malitian commercial radio broadcasting company, The company started in 1960 as the country's second radio station after MBS Radio and the first commercial radio station before FM Kam Sheng (A part of Independent Broadcasting Malit).

The studios are located at 14 Prudential Road, Kamsheng, Malit.


Kevin Lang, one of the former staff of an amateur radio station, was planning his radio station due to the lack of choices of radio programs and outage of prices of radio players, before that, there's only government-owned radio station to listen by the radio player customers. As in 1955, He got the official license of the radio operator with his partners to founding their own radio station after three years, and their radio studio was started to build. The idea was based on Commercial Radio Gonghei and VCN Radio, The name was used to be "Metropolitan Broadcasting Company" (大都會廣播電台) but later changed as "Macrocosm Broadcasting Company" (全域廣播電台).

In 1960, Macrocosm Broadcasting Company was founded, just a year after Commercial Radio in Gonghei. The radio launched in its studio.

In 1979, MBC launched its radio station in FM along with its secondary station MBC2.

In 2002, MBC founded its cable entertainment channel Entervision.

In 2011, MBC bought an independent radio station FM Flux and later changed its name MBC Flux in 2013. MBC and Entervision founded Entervision Media.


*MBC One - News, entertainment and sports.

*MBC Two - Music and leisure.

*MBC Flux - Youth-oriented entertainment.

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