The French name Centerres was created by the Roterlanese explorers and interventionists, which came from a term Le centre de l'océan de la terre. while vietnamese name "Đông Dương Đảo" was based on former-Istiang (Đông Dương thuộc Lạc).



Before the Roterlaine colonization, Centlands were a part of the Ngân dynasty and ruled by its emperor for a long time.

Roterlanese Istiang

Until the 19th Century, Roterlaine took over the control of a peninsula except for Jembirnia and Macamot and formed into Roterlanese Istiang after its victory of the Xianguese-Roterlanese War in 1885.


On 20 July 1954, the Deneve Conference produced the Deneve Agreements between North Sainam and Roterlaine. Provisions included supporting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Istiang, granting it independence from Roterlaine, declaring the cessation of hostilities and foreign involvement in internal Istiang affairs, and delineating northern and southern zones into which opposing troops were to withdraw. The Agreements mandated unification on the basis of internationally supervised free elections to be held in July 1956. Centlands was given its independence by the Deneve Agreements in 1953, but French and Vietnamese were still Centlands' official languages.

Centlands were part of the URA-supported army of South Sainam, along with South Yarea, Neurcasia, New Eusland, Jembirnia, Gran Gritain, and Macamot during the Sainam War, but URA refused to support the South in favor of the North as in 1969, and its power smuggled during 1971. Finally, the Centlandian army, along with the South Sainam loses the war, and the Southern government folded by the Socialist Northern government.

The modern era

In the early 1910s, Centlands and started its modernization project, the project included the modern industries later helped by Roterlaine.

Once it started the project, it was building the power grids.

In 1953, when Centlands were independent, it has started to found its own departments and companies. The country's electricity company Centerraise de Électricité was founded in a year later of its independence.

In the 2000s, Centlands banned Xianguese products due to its safety. Except Xianguese-based companies registered and listed in the Ministry of Intellectual Property.

Centlands Today

As in 2012, Centlands has 26.888.780 populations.


The Parliament of Centlands is currently ruled by the Centlandian National Party. The president Anteré Santeno was elected as President of the Republic in 2018. Elections for President of the Republic happen every four years, and legislative elections also happen every 4 years, but offset by 1 year from the presidential elections, The parliament is formed by the left-wing parties (La Puissance, Green Party), center-left parties (Socialist Party, Pirate Party), a centrist party (Liberal Party), a central-right party (National Party), and a right-wing party (National Front Rally). The National Party gains the most seats (45%) than others.


Centlands' official languages are French and Vietnamese, otherwise, French is its primary language while Vietnamese is its regional language in the areas of the Centlandian-Sainamese border. The population of Centlands is very similar to the Roterlaneses, but with hints of Asikaishs.

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