23 from Portugal, who believes to have passed his prime and has many issues with his internet life. Believes that he is into country building rather than capturing/collecting TV videos nowadays. Also behaves like Rede Metrópole, among the users of Gapia.

Owner of three peripheral Gapian countries (Nouvelle Baie, the Waller Islands and Kaehia and babysitter of Surodecia). Also owner of Nara, but it's more personal.

Personal ranking of my favorite countries

Favorite countries in detail

  • Azorita (mavb98)
    • Beautiful country. But do you know what the country needs more of? Vaquinhas.
  • Arandia
    • More people know about the canal and the tourism industry than its history.
  • Surodecia (KansasJ)
    • How many Chiles can you put in South Atlansia?
  • Palesia (DonaldoC1997)
    • A Árvore Palesiana de Versão Nenhum
      • With so many Palesians in Santa Maria now, am I sure that I live in Eurdecian Palesia now?
  • New Rhumb (DonaldoC1997)
    • Alscre exists.
  • Surtaline (Gineki + DonaldoC1997)
  • Hisqaida (Gineki)
    • everything the US always wanted to be
  • Jysania (DonOnce)
    • el mejor país de Trapanandia
    • The real South Atlanian Talcia, except it's bilingual.
  • South Matamah (DonaldoC1997)
    • everything that Portugal has always wanted to be
  • Anglosaw (DonaldoC1997)
    • Perfect UK?
  • Latinolia (DonOnce)
      • y no se olviden que os doblaxes galegos son os mellores do mundo.
  • Talcia (DonOnce)
    • la wea wena
    • bakan (BKN)
    • best Spanish accent in Eurdecia
      • People who watched Kino 5 commercials in the late 2000s are confused: why has this become a meme?
  • Cenhasia (DonaldoC1997)
    • Lenmark's megalomaniacal brother
  • Quemurilla (Vengatio1)
    • now with added DEMOCRACY!!!
      • Alonso: GET HIM!
  • Murakami (Gineki)
  • Hokusei
    • the source of 80% of Jornal Metrópole's jokes. Also A Hokunet é Nossa.
  • Pacifilavia
    • everything that Malaysia and Singapore always wanted to be
  • Great Gritain (DonOnce)
    • In the midst of anti-Duarte protests you can't find in the Philippines.
  • Otaku Pacifilavia (Vengatio1)
    • Otaku Pacifilavia = Castilla's nickname of the Vrádivas
    • used to hate it but now it's getting better
  • Noega (Vengatio1)
  • Neurcasia (Gineki)
  • Cenfestaro (Rokolito)
    • Kaehia: oe Cenfestaro dame tu ganado y te doy mis lácteos

My countries in detail

Nouvelle Baie

  • My main country and the first one I owned.
    • In fact, Nouvelle Baie is actually older than Gapia, it was "founded" by DonOnce in 2014. He gave this wonderful part of Europe because he was too busy with his "Talcinolian" countries (every country he owns has historical connections with Latinolia or Talcia, with the exception of San Lorenzo probably)
    • Spanish used to be official before he changed its official language to French.
    • PBS used to be here before the United Republics were invented.
      • Coño, when RBC was PBS, PBS was ABS! (until 2017)
      • PBS was SRP.
        • (Talcian accent) Financiamiento para este programa fue obtenido gracias a la Corporación para la Radiodifusión Pública y gracias al aporte financiero de televidentes como tú. Gracias.
        • Cette programme a eté financié par la Corporation pour la Radiodiffusion Publique.
        • One of the cats from Sagwa: Xie xie.
  • The country's name literally means "New Bay" but like Côte d'Ivoire there is no bilingualism in its English name.
  • Rules about Nouvelle Baie:
    • Maltese anthem used here
    • People are tolerant about foreign cultures, except Xi'Ang
    • Xi'Ang brings back memories of communism and the divided era
      • Some people think that Xi'Ang will collapse and become a democratic country, others think it will weaken and remain Communist, but either way, the Noubaiese would prefer going to the Vradivas instead because what they say about Xi'Ang might never happen.
      • Why the Vradivan Islands and not Centlands?
        • Are there any suspicions of Xi'Anguese Communism?
        • Nevermind, the guys at the PDO were probably influenced by the Vradivans who speak Japanese.
    • Comme dans la Rialmagne, il y a de l'Estalgie partout.
      • OstWest has a Noubaiese division, EstOuest. Available exclusively on the Russian packages of UPC, Carte and Télécom NB.
        • TNB above all!
    • People are mad about Eurdevision. When it's cancelled people show their frustration and aggravate the current crisis even further.
        • Ha ha ha, you need the vaccine.
    • Nouvelle Baie felt like the deep web in 2019, the PDO thought that they were the only true party and they used it as a ploy to get more people radicalized by such a party
    • They are anti-Altice (except BFM TV, but when they talk about their CEO or criticize Nouvelle Baie, the operators simply block the signal)
    • It even had a colony in Perpora but was extremely tiny and was invading the Gerlanese Perpora
    • And they speak some Italian!
    • Souvainese is Corsican. Gineki said so (geographically, because it already has the island of Baris to the west)
  • This year there will be a new constitution.
    • The new constitution will ban 24-year old ratboys interested in animes and politics with one common goal: the plot of Gonghei 97.
      • Also all those grafittis hidden everywhere in the cities.
      • A reason why Richard Montpelier and the PDO will never return to media, politics and so on.
    • Doraemon is more popular here than in Roterlaine.
      • 2000s Roterlanese dub purists: C'est Doraëmon, pas Dorémon.
        • 2010s Roterlanese dub fans: autistic screeching

Waller Islands

  • The country used to belong to lukesams, and it used to be Oslana. He abandoned it. By the time I took over, Oslana wasn't as big as the older canons.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the country's name doesn't come from SpongeBob writer Vincent Waller but from a series from David Firth (creator of Salad Fingers), Waller FM.
  • It's supposed to be a democracy of some sort.
  • Rules about the Waller Islands:
    • You can call it just Waller Islands, but common consensus says it's the Waller Islands. Think of the Gambia.
    • Oddly enough it's a republic, unlike everybody else in the Caribsian that speaks English.
      • We all drive on the right side of the road, write in the Atlansian style and support Gloridia in everything
    • Portonovese Akan descendants make up a huge part of the population.
      • However they speak English and not Portuguese (they also speak English in Porto Novo)
        • That's probably the reason why English is widespread in Porto Novo.
          • 2016!
    • An Americanized pocket Ghana.
    • The country is rich.
      • São João: Am I a joke to you?
    • The people here are smart (hides AJ's secret laboratory).
      • IDK, blame Porto Novo for that.
        • Everyone who has a Twi-sounding name might have come from Portonovese territory in the past.
          • You were almost an Azoritean territory or another São João. Fate chose English and the Commonwealth.
    • Most pan-Caribsian companies are headquartered in the WI.
    • In recent times they had to try leaving the Commonwealth because of threats against "colonizers".
      • That depends on what happens in the Republics. What happens there has shockwaves in the WI.


  • I took over most of the territory of the Fernandine Islands, thinking that the rest would be given to bot countries representing Fiji and Tonga. Didn't happen. Even Gapia has its flaws.
    • Aer llora Roonycaryps92
      • Tuvalu Ulterior intensifies
        • Tio1.jpg intensifies
    • The Rota Islands were supposed to be to the west, bordering Noega's waters. Sometimes Gapia has its flaws but that doesn't prevent Gineki from making two maps a year with more and more quality than ever before
  • Rules about Kaehia:
    • Irrelevant New Eusland, with traits of Apartheid-era Liberdesia, minus apartheid (known here as separation, abolished 1965).
      • You know that you're richer than a poorer country that somehow is to the north of the richest country in Transania.
    • You speak reo Taha, but you can still speak reo Maori
    • No Spanish unless you come from the three Cs: Centralia, Castilla and Cenfestaro.
      • What about Nativia?
        • Necesito hablar con el señor Unculo. Primer nombre Quiero. (Neburosia?)
          • Quiero Unculo? Quiero Uncu... Hombre que es la última vez que me haces esto, la próxima vez te voy a matar!
    • Has a tax rebate that the Lanoas doesn't even have.
    • The main religions are all denominations of the Protestant Church of Newland that exist, the Free Wesleyan Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the Adventists.
      • Dolynesian Animism: Am I a joke to you? (cues LBC News theme)
      • That's kinda what makes the country have two faces, a bit like Hisqaida.
      • For every 1000 Kaehian families, about 20 are backward.
        • Get them into the real world. If they don't act now, people like 600.000 Kaehian kids when they're age 30something are taking away their money and their girlfriends.
          • Masterwork 666 should have been made here, if it wasn't for conservative Deinmarians.
    • Supports Temurania even though they believe almost nobody lives there.
      • Almost nobody, as in "4 million people living in a crowded territory that somehow gets bigger"
        • Tá tudo aqui, na Telecó!
          • 4 million is an exaggeration
      • However relations with Temurania can be quite harsh. Many people think that Temurania is illegally occupying part of Kaehia.
        • Many Kaehians think of Temuranians the same way many countries think of the Xi'Anguese. They're angry, nasty, backward people.
          • Wait, are Temurania and Xi'Ang suing Kaehia?
    • Has a few influences of South Africa and Singapore.
      • Singapore, the inspiration of three countries: Pacifilavia, Vrádiva and Kaehia
        • Did you know that even the Vradivan Islands are my favorite among Vengatio1.jpg's countries? Quranim being the second
      • South Africa: mainly Apartheid-era South Africa minus the division.
    • Kaehia loves Anglosaw because of the Northesian Islands.
      • New Rota Islands?
        • Anglosaw, please invade Kaehia because we're not too relevant anymore
          • Anglosaw: I am a joke.
    • Should Rota become a sovereign country?
      • No.
      • No.
      • I said no.
    • Waiting for the referendum that decides whether or not Rota will be claimed by Kaehia.
      • pandemic increases in Taraiki

Hokusei (totally not adopted)

  • My favorite among the dozens of bots.
    • It used to be owned by DonOnce and later Gineki yet it still has the Gadget font on the map.
      • The Chilean admins take all the decisions as granted.
        • Especially Vengatio1. I helped "legalize" a ton of prefecture names and he put that forward.
  • Rules about Hokusei:
    • Well, technically, the rules aren't mine :D
    • You speak Japanglish, oba-san where do I go, Shinjuku so big, I need a Doraemon
    • 48 beautiful prefectures.
    • Some IRL Japanese animes in Hokusei were taken by the admin-led Japanese-speaking countries, the Vradivan Islands (Vengatio1) and Kyowa (DonOnce). This means that Psycho-Pass and Mob Psycho 101 are both Vradivan.
    • 129 million potential waifus.
      • Wait a minute, where are the men?
  • Hokusei has become Kaehia's biggest trading partner in Asia.
    • It helps because Kaehia hates the PRX now and is in risk of leaving the ATEF.


  • I used to be interested in Malyra when it was a Korean-speaking country.
    • I sorta tolerated the change to a Cantonese-speaking country because I was into old Hong Kong TV (mostly TVB) at the time of the switch (of language and owners).

Facts about the users


  • Azorean Portuguese
  • Most active of the Gapian users
  • Role in Gapia: LFP-Spanish wiki dialog
  • Has about ten countries including countries shared with Gineki and mavb98


  • Braziian
    • Paranaense
  • Has a few countries, Alliancia (first one in Gapia), Britania, Soure and Castilla. The least out of any of the Big 5.
    • Used to run Malyra under two canons, the first as a country with its own fictional language (December 2016~April 2017) then as a Korean-speaking country until it was taken over by Gineki in January 2019.


  • Gapian cartographer
  • Works less in public wikis
    • Therefore quality > quantity
  • Owns the best country in Gapia, Hisqaida
  • Has a lot of Hisqish family names and products with Vs and Ks
    • I suggested the Hisqish Skype to by Talk2Me, but it was rejected in favor of Vielker, so Gineki
  • Has developed canons about who hates who and who loves who among his own countries.
  • Another thing about some of his countries, the ones that have a real-life counterpart, is that he tends to corretct a few things and bring more native diversity to them. For instance: in Roterlaine there was no centralization and regional languages are still widespread; while in Neurcasia there was no massive killing of Aborigines and they seem to be a lot more tolerant.


  • He was the one who created Gapia when Geia was out of control
  • Is more comfortable in Spanish Y LO DIGO EN ESPAÑOL COÑO LA LENGUA QUE NOS UNE.
  • All of his countries are or used to be dictatorships
    • Currently Dersbozny and the adopted Donovy (in his head the NDP government sounds fantastic and he wants to develop the canon)
  • Talcia, Great Gritain, Kyowa and Jysania are my favorite countries of his
    • Donovy too but it's technically adopted
  • His flagship country is Talcia followed by Latinolia.
    • All of his other countries have at least one influence from Talcia and Latinolia
      • Dersbozny used to be a former Latinolian colony (Great Dersbozny), that was later split in two
      • San Lorenzo and Donovy are former Latinolian colonies
      • Catalan was introduced to Great Gritain from people who came from Plamania
      • Latinolian missionaries introduced Christianity to Kyowa
      • Honto and Nativia used to be part of the Talcian territories in Transania that were later given to Centralia.
        • The former achieved its independence and the latter is now a part of Centralia, after being part of the Kyowan monarchy in exile.
      • Jysania has Talcian influences and one of its largest cities is New Asterlania.
  • Formerly owned Hokusei and Nouvelle Baie.
    • Hokusei is now a bot country and Nouvelle Baie is mine.


  • Username is a reference to tio1.jpg
    • Therefore the name means Comeuncle1
    • Sometimes I call him Vengatio1.jpg
  • My favorite countries from him are Vrádiva and Noega

Programs I use

  • Sony Vegas (though mostly not here)
  • Microsoft Excel (channel lists)
  • Microsoft Paint (I don't know how to use Inkscape)
  • Inkscape (limited knowledge, I can't object to path argh)


  • Então vamos juntos nessa trilha, pois no ar tudo o que brilha, brilha aqui, na TELECÓÓÓ
  • when I see excess posting: "Democracy has been postponed! Millions of people in Gapia have no choice but to turn off the TV when Mad TV is on and start watching Sandu Ciorba music videos! Digicel Waller Islands drops in shares!"
  • [meme about Bangladesh not being a proper country in Gapia]
  • Jorge Castro de la Barra for Kaehian anthem (this might be worn out after a week)

For the benefit of Geia and Gapia

Remember all the maps it had from experiments worthy of r/crappydesign to the current, Photoshop canvas maps made by Gapia's main cartographer (Gineki) in User blog:The Testcardiologist/Gapia Rewind Map Edition

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