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Who is KansasJ?

A 21-year-old Japanese user who is very good at computer graphics, digital arts, typing and using computers which he inherited from his brother and mother.

Did you know...

  • ... that Red Televisión was originated from the one of fictional television networks created for Latin America?
  • ... that logos of Eusloidian Public Television was made from a fictional television channel called "Teledu"?

My countries

  • Flag of Surodecia Surodecia (O&O, but The Testcardiologist took some ideas): A Spanish-speaking country located in the South Atlansia. ¿La Talcia atlansiana?
    • The first country in Gapia I created at the end of 2015.
    • Surodecia was originally named as Surostia, but really changed to Surodesia and then Surodecia after concerning its name similarity to Swastika, the symbol which was adopted by the Nazis and for Buddhism, and Hinduism.
      • Legend says the name origin of Surodecia was coming from "Sur de Atlánsia", which means "South of Atlansia".
    • Its first version of the flag was scrapped because I found its similarity to the logo of 2010 G20 Geoul summit but was settled with the yellow line.
    • Like the other, Surodecia took its influence from Latin American countries and also suffered the military dictatorship.
    • The capital was moved to Santa Fe on the west coast (Hokuseiese style) rather than in the inland (Palesian style) because not having the sea would be a shame for the Surodecian history?
    • Atlansian Talcia? Wasn't Jysania the real deal? They even have a New Asterlania!


  • Gadia (O&O, 2015)
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