The Coronavirus heads to Rivland! What will it do next?

The country has been on health alert since mid-January.

March 9th - Projection and Neptunic have halted production on all currently filming movies and TV shows. Audiences will also no longer be allowed to participate in television shows.

March 13th - Associated Rivlandian, the country's largest cinema chain, announces it will close down all locations for the time being. The FAR announces that no football games will be held after the ones that are played that day.

March 14th - President Steve Jamison holds a press conference to announce that public gatherings of more than 500 people will now be banned until further notice. All flights, both to and from Rivland, will be grounded.

March 16th - The rest of the Rivlandian sports world announces a cessation of all activities.

March 20th - All non-essential businesses are ordered to shut down following the end of the working day. Schools across the country are also announced to be shutting down starting the 23rd.

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