Toonami was a programming block on Cartoon Network, until October 2002 when it became one of the key components of CNX GS (now Freeform), a new channel launched by Cartoon Network, the first Cartoon Network derivative to launch outside North America. CNX also broadcast martial arts movies, and adult-oriented animation like the Adult Swim originals. The network's audience was the young adult male demos that's currently catered by the UK's Bravo and the US' Spike TV (now Paramount Network). Almost a year later, Toonami was spun-off from CNX making it a 24-hour channel.

On September 4, 2006, Toonami changed its focus from action cartoons to entertainment in general, Additionally, the entire design of the channel was overhauled, with the stark, simplistic black, white and red logos replaced with blue, as well as the introduction of giggling, blob-like mascots that populate the commercial bumpers and channel indents.

TBS revealed Toonami and Cartoon Network Too would combine and left a space for the pre-school programming slot Cartoonito to be expanded into its own channel. This change happened on September 3, 2007. However, on August 2012, it was announced that Toonami would come back to television on Cartoonito’s slot on December 1, 2012, five years since the original Toonami space was canned for Cartoon Network Too (now Boing). The takeover happened on December 1, 2012 on Cartoonito’s slot, making Cartoonito run from 6AM-6PM, with Toonami’s shows taking up the rest of the schedule, but on March 31, 2018, coinciding with the closing of Toonami Asia, Toonami GS announced they were closing down and that its slots will be replaced with more Cartoonito, making it the first time the channel was 24/7 since Toonami GS’s Launch.


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For a list of programs, see List of programs formerly broadcast by Toonami (Great Scorria).

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