Telequince is a Surodecian local television station airing in the greater Borvis area in the Eritía, being owned by Fundación Domínguez. Telequince is airing on Channel 15 (UHF) on analog television until 2017 and Channel 43 (UHF) on digital television on virtual channel 15.1. Telequince is also known as the first UHF television station in Borvis.

Corporación de Televisión Capital


Canal 15 1979

In 1979, Telequince was launched as Corporación de Televisión Capital (English: Capital Television Corporation), also known as acronyms CTC and CTC Canal 15 (English: CTC Channel 15) by the Borvis mayor at that time Víctor Domínguez. CTC focused to air local and cultural programs.

The first logo was formed by two circles, the first circle is written "CTC" and the second circle is written the channel number 15.

Canal 15


EF3 2001

In 1987, CTC changed the name to Canal 15 (English: Channel 15) and introduced the new logo. The CTC circle was dropped from the logo. Also Canal 15 launched the first 3DCG ident, commissioned to B&M Producciones.


Canal 15 1991

In 1989, at the 10 years anniversary, Canal 15 introduced the new geometric logo designed by students from the University of Science and Arts of Surodecia. The logo was formed by 3 different lines and the "CANAL" letter which written by a typeface Futura.

Canal Quince


Canal 15 1998

In 1989, Canal 15 changed the name again to Canal Quince (English: Channel Fifteen) and redesigned the previous logo.



Telequince 2

In 2006, Canal Quince changed the name to the current name Telequince (English: Telefifteen) and introduced the first numberless logo.



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