Telas, an acronym for Televisión Atlansiana de Surodecia (English: Atlansian Television of Surodecia), is one of the Surodecian major television networks, being owned by the Surodecian media company Muñoz Media with Prima. The network is headquartered in Acora, Acora, with major production facilities and operations in Acora and Borvis, Eritía. Before the launch, Telas was known by its bidders Televisión Independiente de Surodecia (TVI, English: Independent Television of Surodecia) and Red de Televisión Atlansiana (RTA, English: Atlansian Television Network).

Televisión Independiente de Surodecia


TVI was bid by one of major newspaper publishers, El Noticioso.

Red de Televisión Atlansiana


Rede Sigma 1986.png

RTA was bid by Palesian television broadcaster Rede Sigma. As a result, RTA and TVI were merged into Telas.



Telas 1989.svg

In April 1st, 1989, Telas was launched. At the first time, Telas was owned and operated by El Noticioso. Rede Sigma also had own stock.

The logo was designed by in-house designer, Antonio Mendoza. He was inspired by Heinz Bonner, the designer of the Rede Sigma, SRT and Mega Terebi logos. The network ID was designed and made by Televisual Surodecia. It has the blue sphere represented the Gapia, and the red line below its wordmark. The sphere had the infinity symbol combined by two "4" numerals inside that represented the Atlansias. The logo was commonly called as Infinito (English: Infinity). Telas also introduced its first slogan, El Canal Infinito (English: The Infinity Channel), which is based from the logo. The basis was used for 11 years until 2000.

The wordmark used on the station's name was taken from Rede Sigma.


Telas 1992.svg

In March 30th, 1992, Telas introduced the new logo designed by same designer. When the previous logo was redesigned, the red line was removed from the logo and the wordmark was changed to ITC Avant Garde, which similar to Rede Sigma's wordmark and who Surovisión used until before the launch of Telas.


Telas 1996.svg

In April 1st, 1996, Telas updated the logo. The "TELAS" letter became to lowercases. The logo was designed by Gráfica Libertad and network IDs were designed and made in-house.



Telas 2001.svg

In December 25th, 2000, Telas announced a new branding. Then in January 1st, the New Year's Day of 2001, Telas officially introduced a new logo. The logo and network IDs were designed by +Creativa. The basis is being currently used until today.


Telas 2009.svg

In March 30th, 2009, when its HD simulcast was launched, Telas updated its logo into a more glossy design. The logo was designed by same designer.



In March 30th, 2015, Telas updated its logo into a new flat design. The logo was designed by same designer.


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