TVC, an acronym for Televisión Corporativa (English: Corporate Television), is one of the Surodecian minor television networks, being owned and operated by the Texican media group Albavisión with Telenueva. TVC also shares its programs with Acora-based Ozteca Surodecia. The network is headquartered in Borvis, Eritía.


TVC 1991.svg

In January 7th, 1991, TVC was launched. At the beginning, TVC was co-owned and co-operated by two of major newspaper publishers, El Mundo and El Universal.

In 1994, El Universal left TVC's management and then acquired its rival Surovisión.


TVC 1999.svg

In March 29th, 1999, TVC updated its logo and added a star symbol to the logo.


TVC 2004.svg

In 2004, TVC was acquired by Dovalian media group Teldov. This logo was used in tandem with the previous one the Teldov era.



TVC 2007.svg

In 2007, when Teldov sold TVC to Albavisión, TVC updated its logo.


TVC 2009.svg

In March 30th, 2009, when its HD simulcast was launched, TVC updated its logo.


TVC Surodecia.svg

In March 30th, 2015, TVC introduced a redesigned logo and a new slogan, TV Continúa (English: TV Continues), which is based on TVC's name.


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