TSF TV is a South Matamanian free-to-air, cable and satellite news and current affairs television channel launched on June 17th, 2000, being co-owned by Global Notícias Media (managing its operations) and Grupo Asulcabo (managing its distribution and advertising sales).

It serves as a television extension to TSF Rádio Notícias, also featuring televised airings of some of its programs and select programming based on the station's sister publications.

Until 2016, it also aired select sports news programming, but those practices were ceased following the launch of sister channel Sport TV+.


Global Notícias Media, SGPS, S.A.
National: Clarim de Notícias | Gazeta de Notícias | O Golo | Dinheiro Vivo
Regional: Clarim de Notícias Madésia
International: Azoritenso Oriental1 | Jornal Tribuna de Neicau | Comércio de Braguntera2

National: Notícias Magazine | Volta ao Mundo | Evasões | Men's Health3 | Women's Health3
International: Azorita Magazine1

National: TSF Rádio Notícias (Madésia) | TSF TV4
International: TSF Rádio Azorita1 | TSF Rádio Noega2 | TSF Rádio Nadólia5 | TSF Rádio São Clerens5

Sport TV4:
National: Sport TV1 | Sport TV2 | Sport TV3 | Sport TV+
International: Sport TV Meridécia | Sport TV Meridécia 2
Radio: Sport FM

Plataforma | N-TV | Motor24 | Delas

Asula (23,36%)

24 Horas | Jornal do Fundaú | Global Notícias | Grande Reportagem | Editorial Notícias

1Through its stake on Controlmedia.
2Co-owned with the Carvalho family.
3Under license from Hearst Corporation.
4Joint-venture with Grupo Asulcabo.
5Brand licensed to Polimedia.

Global Notícias Media
Grupo Asulcabo, SGPS, S.A.
Asulcabo | Orange | Clix | WTF | Asulcabo Wi-Fi1 | Asulmundo Audiovisuais | Cinemas Asulmundo

Asulcabo Conteúdos:
OTN | Neos | Reese | Axtel | TMC | TMC Top | TMC Crush | TSF TV2 | MBS News World3 | Geia Network | Geia Wisdom | Glamnet | OTN Movies

Canais Asulmundo:
Asulmundo Top | Asulmundo Edition | Asulmundo Action | Asulmundo Emotion

Sport TV2:
Sport TV1 | Sport TV2 | Sport TV3 | Sport TV+ | Sport FM | Sport TV Meridécia | Sport TV Meridécia 2

Other assets:
Warner Asulmundo Cinemas4 | Zap (30%) | Asulmundo Hisqaida5

1Joint-venture with Fon.
2Joint-venture with Global Notícias Media.
3Distribution only.
4Joint-venture with WarnerMedia.
5Joint-venture with Orbitel Holdings.

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