TLN Network is a Texico-based Portuguese-speaking cable and satellite television channel launched on November 23rd, 2009, being owned by Grupo Televisa. Its programming consists of reruns of Televisa's soap operas, television series and sitcoms, especially the ones created by Chespirito.

It currently airs five feeds: one for Lusophone Atlansia, one for Lusophone Meridecia with its schedule adjusted to local timezones, one for South Matamah, with that one airing its programming subtitled in Eurdecian Portuguese (save for Chespirito's sitcoms, airing with the Palesian Portuguese dub) rather than dubbed in Palesian Portuguese, one for Azorita and one for Noega, both with the same schedule as South Matamah, but adjusted to local timezones.


TLN Network
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