Surovisión, an acronym for the previous name Sistema Surodeciano de Televisión (English: Surodecian Television System), is one of the Surodecian major television networks, being owned and operated by the Surodecian media company Suromedia. The network is headquartered in Acora, Acora, with major production facilities and operations in Acora and Borvis, Eritía. Also Surovisión is currently the most watched television network in the country.

Universidad Austral de Surodecia Televisión


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In March 1st, 1959, Surovisión was launched as Universidad Austral de Surodecia Televisión, known as acronyms UAS Televisión and UASTV. UAS Televisión was fully-owned and operated by Southern University of Surodecia and offered one of major newspaper publishers, El Universal's news programs, such as Informe El Universal.

Sistema Surodeciano de Televisión


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In March 2nd, 1964, following its 5th anniversary, UAS Televisión renamed the name to Sistema Surodeciano de Televisión, also known by its acronym SST (Sistema Surodeciano de Televisión).


SST 1969.svg

In March 3rd, 1969, following its 10th anniversary, SST updated the logo for the first time.



Surovision 1977.svg

In March 28th, 1977, when the color broadcasting was started, SST's name was just abbreviated to Surovisión. Surovisión also introduced the new logo, designed by an in-house designer Hugo Ricardo García. The design was inspired by an Atlansian television station GTVU's long-living "Circle Laser 2" logo. The logo was colored by red and blue, from Surodecia's national colors. The basis was used for 29 years, until 2006.

The network ID used in 1977 was designed and made by an Atlansian Hopeland City-based production Dolphin Productions and the network ID used in 1984 was designed and made by an Atlansian production company Transalic Data Images.


Surovision 1989.svg

In April 1st, 1989, with the launch of Telas, Surovisión updated the wordmark to Futura.


Surovision 1993.svg

In March 29th, 1993, when Surovisión was privatized and acquired by the Texican media company Televisa, Surovisión updated the logo. The logo and the network ID used in 1994 was designed by an in-house designer, Miguel Flores.

At the same time, Surovisión started to use the TXW-TV's slogan, El Canal de las Estrellas until Televisa sold Surovisión to El Universal next year.

When El Universal acquired Surovisión, Surovisión introduced the new slogan, Siempre Juntos (English: Always Together), used for 21 years until 2015 and became one of longest-lived slogans of Surovisión.


Surovision 2002.svg

In April 2nd, 2001, Surovisión introduced the new logo, with the new dimensional design. The logo was also colored by Surodecia's national colors, red, yellow and blue. The logo was designed by a Surodecian design agancy, Studio 1.


Surovision 2007.svg

In April 3rd, 2006, when El Universal divested its media properties into Suromedia, Surovisión introduced the new logo based on the new corporate parent and made of a ribbon which was also colored by Surodecia's national colors like the previous logo. The logo was designed by the Anglosovic design agency [English & Pockett] and network IDs were designed and made in-house.



In March 30th, 2015, Surovisión updated the previous logo into the new flat design and introduced the new slogan, #TVConTodos (English: #TVWithAll). The logo and network IDs were designed and made in-house.


Broadcast television networks in Surodecia
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Red UCS (1959-2004) | Unitel (1992-2011)

Main stockholders:

El Universal (40%) | Televisa (5%) | Southern University of Surodecia (10%) | Discovery Communications (25%) | Suropetró (10%) | Unibanco (5%) | Sandanger BCS (5%)

Suromedia Televisión:
Broadcast network: Surovisión
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Radio Capital | Radio Austral3 | Radio Info1 | Radio Xtra | FM Onda

Television production/distribution:
Suromedia Producciones | El Universal Producciones1 | Teleimagen

Other assets:
Cablevisión4 | RTU Media1

Unitel | Surovisión Vídeo | Televisa de Surodecia5
1Co-owned with El Universal.
2Available only outside Surodecia.
3Co-owned with Southern University of Surodecia.
4Co-owned with Mundo Once Media.
5Co-owned with Televisa in Texico.

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