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(Untitled actual second Rivlandian film studio) to AFBS2
AFBS Extra to Allianz (Centlands)
Allianz (Eusloida) to Atari Jaguar (East and West Cybersland)
Atari Jaguar (Eruowood) to BabyFirst TV (East and West Cybersland)
BabyFirst TV (Gau) to Bell Aliant (Hisqaida)
Bell Altron Company (Eruowood) to Buenos Días Trama
Buffalo Wild Wings (Anglosaw) to Cablevisión (Dovaly)
Cablevisión (Novalia) to Cardinalians in the World
Cardinalotto to Cheetos (East and West Cybersland)
Cheetos (Eruowood) to Cofidis (Roterlaine)
Coke (Eruowood) to DBS1 (Daehan)
DBS2 (Daehan) to DirecTV (Surodecia)
DirecTV (United Republics) to Dreamcast Fantasy
Dreamcast Power to Eannda
Ear Television to Esso (Palesia)
Esso (Roterlaine) to Farmacias de la Cruz
Farmer's Credit to Fremantle Istia
Fremantle Matamá do Sul to GTV (East Yenginsai)
GUPU to Grill's (Plorogo)/List of offers and promotions
Grillies to Hien Bus
Higashi-Hokusei Bank to ITV News at Ten
ITV Newsdesk to Jeepers! (Tyono)
Jeepers! (Vrijland) to KHK Radio 2
KHK Two to Kunlabora Kredito de Kalandia
Kunlabora Kuniĝo de Bankoj to Liberal Union (Malit)
Liberal Unity to Lotto West Cybersland
Lotérie Nationale (Centlands) to Mais Chic (South Matamah)
Mais Sigmasat to Mennen (Eruowood)
Mental Samurai (Michillies) to Munibank
MuraPass to National Cheyenne Art and Entertainment
National Cinema to Nickelodeon (Crazyrjut)
Nickelodeon (Crimson Republic) to OK3 (Polskaide)
OKTV to Pallas
Palésia Caminhoneira to Poŝto de Bluko
Poŝtoj de Bluko to RMParlamento
RMPlus to Radio Agricultura (Puerto Chango)
Radio Alfa (Nouvelle Baie) to Repretel 6 (Costenia)
Repsol (Centlands) to SEVS-DT
SEW-DT to Schwitzer Radio und Fernsehen
Sci-Fi to Showcase (Cardinalia)
Showcase (Cheyenne) to Sociedade Esportiva Palestra
Sociedade Garrafeira de Bebidas e Refigerantes to StreamIt
StreamIt Gold to TCM Mystery (East and West Cybersland)
TCM Western (East and West Cybersland) to TVCabo (Liberty)
TVCabo (Lindongo) to Tarmany
Tata Sky (Istia) to Telethon (Eusloida)
Teletica (Costenia) to The Media Bowels
The Merry Mall to Toys "Я" Us (Cheyenne)
Toys "Я" Us (East and West Cybersland)/Others to United Britania
United Broadcasting Service to Varil
Varka Beer to Wax (North Arlesbury)
Wax (North Arlesbury)/Spoofs/Gallery to Yourtime (Hokusei)
Yu (Eusloida) to Анти свобода передвижения речи/List of M...
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