Sociedade Renovadora de Televisão, commonly known by its acronym SRT, is a South Matamanian television network and media company, which runs several television channels, being owned by Grupo Impresa, itself majority owned by businessman, former journalist, retired politician and former Prime Minister Francisco Pinto Salomão and his family.

Its flagship channel is the eponymous SRT, the third terrestrial television station in South Matamah, launched on October 6th, 1962. The channel has a variety of programs, composed mainly of news, reality shows, talk-shows, sports, current affairs, national and international fiction (mainly from Sigma TV International, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Omega Pictures, CBS Studios International, ITV Studios Global Entertainment and Projection Pictures), such as films, soap operas and television series.

SRT was the country's most watched television network from 1995 until 2005 and again since 2019, although it has been criticized in later years for its quality decline and its excessive airing of tabloid content and soap operas as well as its news department's bias towards to the Social Democratic Party (which Salomão himself is a founding member).


SRT 1962


SRT 1965


SRT 1966

1967 (5th anniversary)

1972 (10th anniversary)


SRT 1972

1977 (15th anniversary)

1982 (20th anniversary)


SRT pre-1992

1987 (25th anniversary)



SRT 1992

In 1992, SRT premiered a new logo consisting of a multicolored arch with the channel's acronym incorporated into it. The logo was designed by Rialmanese-born Austrish-Palesian graphic designer Heinz Bonner, better known for designing Rede Sigma's logo and heading its graphic department since 1975.

1992 (30th anniversary)

1995 (33th anniversary)

1996 (34th anniversary)


SRT 1997 Early Version

In 1997, SRT updated its logo with glossier effects, being developed in-house.

1997 (35th anniversary)

1999 (37th anniversary)


SRT logo

2002 (40th anniversary)

2003 (41st anniversary)

2007 (45th anniversary)

2010 (48th anniversary)

2012 (50th anniversary)

SRT 50th Anniversary

2014 (52nd anniversary)

2017 (55th anniversary)

SRT 55 Anos


SRT 2018

In 2018, SRT updated its logo by making it thinner, simplifying its gloss effect and rounding its the lettering's borders, being once more developed in-house.

Grupo Impresa, SGPS, S.A.
Sociedade Renovadora de Televisão:
Broadcast network: SRT
Digital channels: SRT Notícias | SRT Radical | SRT Mulher | SRT K | SRT Gold | SRT Comédia | SRT Caras | SRT Boutique
International channel: SRT Internacional (Meridécia)
Other assets: SRT Esperança | SRT Content Distribution

Impresa Publishing:
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Magazines: Visão (Júnior | História | Saúde) | Caras (Decoração) | Blitz | Exame (Informática) | Activa | TVMais | Telenovelas | Courrier Internacional

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Agência Independente de Notícias1 | SRT Indoor | iPlay

Impreger (Salomão family, 50,31%) | Grupo Sigma (17,5%) | Madre (4,63%) | Sandanger (4,18%) | BNI (3,69%) | Azvalor (3,05%) | Gersk Bank (2,78%) | Newshold (2,4%)

1Joint-venture with ITN.

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