Radio et Télévision de Centerres (RTCT) was founded by a group of the founder of Radio Centerres with the launch of the first television channel, Télévision Nationale de Centerres.


RTCT1 is the first channel of RTCT, it was launched in February 19, 1953 as Télévision Nationale de Centerres, when RTCT was founded, RTCT brought some cameras from Roterlaine to the first operational of television cameras, at first launch, it broadcasts the various programming included educational programming until 1969 at the launch of the Centlandian Educational Television (Télévision Éducative de Centerres, now RTCT2).

In 1967, the regional service TPC2 was launched, broadcasting all-variety and local news programs.

The color broadcasting began in 1972. The color broadcasting centers are located in Topeux City, Calia, Centlands along with the broadcasting tower, with everyone cheering when color broadcasting arrived.

In 1984, the first CGI graphics were launched.

In 1996, the Media and Broadcasting Authority (now the Communications Bureau) announced that the digital television would be launched in 1999. It was going to the signal testing of the digital television along with the commercial and new broadcasters as they adopted the Digital Television sets.


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