1991 - 1996

Viacole logo

Nickelodeon Tyono originally launched on 11th November 1991 as Viacole.


1996 - 2003

Nickelodeon Logo

On 1st July 1996, Viacole was rennamed to Nickelodeon.

2003 - 2010

Nickelodeon logo

In October 2003, Nickelodeon phased out all of its alternative logos except for one, the splat design. The splat was (for the most part) the only design used from this point on.

2010 - present

Nickelodeon 2009

The Tyonon version of Nickelodeon updated to the new look on 9th August 2010. The other sister networks adapted the new logo on 18th October that same year.

Viacom Tyono

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