New Rhumb (Portuguese: Novo Rumo, Rumish: Nuov Rumen), officially the Federative Republic of New Rhumb (Portuguese: República Federativa de Novo Rumo, Rumish: Republiken Federatische din Nuov Rumen) is a sovereign state on the subcontinent of South Atlansia. Originally part of the Palesian Empire (and a South Matamanian colony before that), it achieved its independence in 1870. Its capital city is Salvador do Norte, D.F. and its largest city is Taquaritinga do Sul. New Rhumb is a federal presidential constitutional republic and its President of the Republic is Luísa Ribeiro from the New Rhumbese Social Democratic Party. Its official languages are Portuguese (de facto) and Rumish. New Rhumb is a democratic nation since 1986 after the end of the military dictactorship that governed the country since 1965.

Federative Republic of New Rhumb


Flag of New Rhumb.png
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