Mundo Once Media S.A. is a Surodecian media company founded in 2004 by El Mundo, one of major newspaper publishers as its media properties.



Mundo Once Media 2004

Its logo was based on El Once's logo at the time.


Mundo Once Media 2012


Mundo Once Media

In March 31th, 2014, Mundo Once Media updated its logo and dropped its symbol.

Mundo Once Media
Mundo Once Televisión:

Broadcast network: El Once | El Once+
El Once O&O stations: El Once Borvis | El Once Acora | El Once Trana | El Once Angelica
El Once-affiliated stations: Canal Trece | Teleciudad | Telecentro (Río Este) | Telefamilia (Coldenia) | Telesistema (Río Norte) | Teleislas
Digital channels: El 24 | El Financiero TV1

Mundo Once Radio:
Radio Borvis | RB2 | Radio Mundo | Radio El Financiero1 | Radio UCS2

El Mundo

Television production/distribution:

Teleonce | El Once Deportes | Cablevisión3 | MOL | El Once Play

1Co-owned with El Financiero.
2Co-owned with Pontifical Catholic University of Surodecia.
3Co-owned with Suromedia and Surotel.

Mundo Once Media
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