M3 Networks is a Hisqish media company that owns a group of television channels available via cable and satellite in Hisqaida and internationally. The company is a joint-venture between Minaria Publishing House, Orbitel Holdings and the Geia Institute.


M3 Networks 2012


Orbitel Holdings, Inc.
Orbitel TV | Orbitel Mobile | Orbitel Interactive

Orbitel Networks:
English-speaking channels:
OTN | OTN Edge | OTN Classics | Orbit Family Channel | Orbit Movie Channel | TMC | TMC Crush | TMC Top | TMC Party | TMC Street | TMC Greats

Spanish-speaking channels:

Portuguese-speaking channels:
Rede OTN | Asulmundo Hisqaida

Eikaroth-speaking channels:
OTN Ikeriath

Orbitel International Networks:
OTN Movies | OTN Horizon | OTN Unix | TMC International

M3 Networks1:
Neos | Reese TV | Glamnet | Axtel | Geia Network | Geia Wisdom

Orbit Entertainment Group:
Film production:
Orbit Pictures | Silver Hills Cinema | StudioHisqenia | Crafthouse Films | Gala Films | Orbit Geia1

Television production/distribution:
Orbit Television Studios | Orbit Television Distribution | Orbit International Television

Home entertainment:
Orbit Home Entertainment

Orbit Music Group:
Orbit Records | Alpire Records

Orbitel Worldwide:
Selestar | ASB | Neustar (25%) | SelecTV | NET (60%) | Grupo Asulcabo2 | ABS | One (Murakami | Hokusei | Shokaiwan | Kyowa) | Gonghei Broadband Network (35%)

Corus Entertainment

Related companies:
MBS Media Group

1Joint-venture with Minaria Publishing House and the Geia Institute.
2Through its 25% stake on ASOR, SGPS, S.A.

Orbitel 2019
Minaria Publishing House, Inc.
Minaria Newspapers:
The Kaintor Times | The Nancouver Times | The Einchester Times | El Tiempo de Bahia Desano | El Tiempo de Drumiquén | O Tempo de Porto Luz

Minaria Magazines:
English-speaking magazines:
Insight | The Finance Mercator | Glam Magazine | Riverlight Today | Teleweek | Men's Week | Reese Magazine | Fashion Avenue | Home & Style | NASN Magazine1 | X-Team | Motorprime | TMC Magazine2 | Bytes Today | Teenager Screen | GameCentral | Anex Magazine | Geia: The Magazine | Science Inside | Wondertour | Life 2000

Spanish-speaking magazines:
Visión | Telesemana | Carolina | Anex Latino | Geia: La Revista | Ciencia Adentro

Minaria Television:
Regional networks:

Television stations:
QNTI-DT (TTN, Nancouver)

M3 Networks2:
Neos | Reese TV | Glamnet | Axtel | Geia Network | Geia Wisdom


1Joint-venture with the MBS Media Group.
2Joint-venture with Orbitel Holdings and the Geia Institute.

Geia Institute
Geia Magazines1:
Geia: The Magazine | Geia: La Revista | Geia: A Revista

M3 Networks2:
Neos | Reese TV | Glamnet | Axtel | Geia Network | Geia Wisdom

1Joint-venture with Minaria Publishing House.
2Joint-venture with Orbitel Holdings and Minaria Publishing House.

Geia Institute
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