M-Pix, formerly known as Multipix, is a Hisqish premium cable and satellite television network launched in 1981, which serves as M-Pix Media's flagship service. M-Pix's programming features mainly theatrically released motion pictures, first-run original television series, boxing matches, occasional stand-up comedy specials, musical concerts and made-for-TV movies.

Currently, M-Pix has first-run broadcasting deals with Omega Pictures (since TBD), United Eusqainic Pictures (since TBD), 20th Century Fox (since TBD), Sony Pictures Entertainment (since TBD) and Lionsgate Films (since TBD).




Multipix 1986





M-Pix 2007


MPix Logo

In 2015, all the M-Pix, EncorePix and Movix logos were unified under the Pix umbrella branding.

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1Joint-venture with Omni World Media.
2Joint-venture with the Hisqish Intersuperior Sport Association.
3Joint-venture with the Hisqish Football League.
4Joint-venture with The Herald Media.


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