M-Pix, formerly known as Multipix, is a Hisqish premium cable and satellite television network launched in 1981, which serves as M-Pix Media's flagship service. M-Pix's programming features mainly theatrically released motion pictures, first-run original television series, boxing matches, occasional stand-up comedy specials, musical concerts and made-for-TV movies.

Currently, M-Pix has first-run broadcasting deals with Omega Motion Pictures Group (since TBD), United Eurcasic Motion Pictures Group (since TBD), 20th Century Studios (since TBD), Sony Pictures Entertainment (since TBD) and Lionsgate Films (since TBD).




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In 2015, all the M-Pix, EncorePix and Movix logos were unified under the Pix umbrella branding.


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1Joint-venture with Omni World Media.
2Joint-venture with the Hisqish Intersuperior Sport Association.
3Joint-venture with the Hisqish Football League.
4Joint-venture with The Herald Media.


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