Hello and welcome to Logofanonpedia. Here you will find rules and the consequential banning amounts for breaking a rule.

Wiki Rules

Vandalism and spamming

Please no vandalizing or spamming in this wiki. Vandalism and spam is an act of making any edits that damage Logofanonpedia. This involves creating spamming attack pages, comments which had nothing to do with logos, and uploading scribble images.

Cursing, rude language

Please be respectful of other users. The minimum age on Logofanonpedia is 13 years old so please do not; harass, use harsh language, cursing, or sexual language. You will receive a warning on your talk page. If you continue these actions you will be blocked for some weeks, months, then years.

Unrelated images

Any unrelated images will be removed, this includes: images of yourself, pornographic, and images of things which does not include logos. Location images, program schedules, startup/closedown notices, bumpers, promos, and fictional idents are allowed.

Sockpuppet accounts

Sockpuppet is the act of doing multiple accounts by the same person. Please create one user account only. If you make multiple accounts, both accounts will be blocked/banned infinitely. If you are seeking on a rename, please contact an administrator.

Off-topic blogs

Please, do not create off-topic blogs. Only discuss logos and company logos in blogs and blog comments.

This wiki is not an advertisement to the other non-fictional and real topics.  Fictional countries and fanon topics are allowed to advertise on this wiki. Articles that look like advertising or promotion for non-fictional and real topics will be deleted by administrators.

Random logos

No adding random logos allowed they such as spamming and random products attacking pages.

Real names and logos

Real names and logos are allowed, but just in pages related to fictional countries (ex: COMPANY NAME (FICTIONAL COUNTRY NAME). If you do a page which is not related to fictional countries (ex: AXN (Latin America); which is a deleted page), your page will be deleted. If you keep doing the same pages over and over, you will be blocked for infinite. 

Fictional country page policy

You'll need admin's permission to create a page for it's fictional country. If you don't have permission, and do the page anyway, the page might be deleted.

Admininistrator rules

Please don't ban/block user that not yet breaking a rules and violating policy, nothing wrong or no valid reason, if you do this adminship will be revoked.

Banning Policy

User violating one or more policies will be subject to blocked/banned by administrators. Administrators will use Warning template for users violating one or more policies at the first.

  • 1st offense: warning
  • 2nd offense: second warning, 1 or 2 week ban
  • 3rd offense: 1 month ban
  • 4th offense: 3 month ban
  • 5th offense: 6 month ban
  • 6th offense: 1 year or permanent ban

Other Policies

Please read this before can do Logofanonpedia, so do not:

  • Vandalism
  • Uploading inappropriate/explicit content
  • Sockpuppet accounts
  • Spamming
  • Hurting or hating users
  • Intimidating behavior/harassment
  • Impersonating of admin or another user
  • Offensive spamming
  • Underage
  • Block/ban evasion
  • Uploading non-related photo material (Example File:Mimi.jpg, which is not a logo/unrelated to the logos)
  • Pornographical, obscenes, or sexual content
  • Long-term abuse
  • Inappropriate use of user talk page while blocked
  • Edit warring (Makes two, three, four or more revisions edit war to get block)
  • Abusing multiple accounts
  • Advertising/Promotion
  • Bullying/Cyberbullying