Kip's is currently avaliable in Tyono, Jetania, Austimia, Fictionland, Germany, France and Spain.

Kip's Potato Crisps


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In 2004, Kip's bought Megabites, launching the former brand into international regions. The brand was launched in late 2004 in Austimia, Fictionland, Germany, France and Spain, and in January 2005 in Jetania.


In July 2009, Kip's introduced a new logo, scrapping the "three gold squares" look after 11 years. The logo was rolled out in Spain in September 2009, followed by France in November 2009, and the rest of the world in 2010.


In June 2012, Kip's introduced another new logo, which was rolled out in international regions in the Autumn of that year.

2015-present (international)

In March 2015, the Kip's brand was rebranded in France, Spain and Germany. This logo was later adapted by Jetania in September 2015.

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