Globecom Corporation
Globecom Television:
Broadcast network: TLG | W11
Digital channel: Multiplay
Cable channels: GNC1 Networks | GNC1 Roads & Traffic | GNC1 Hisqaida
GSN National: GSN One | GSN Golf | HISSA Network2 | HFL Network3 | GSN Uno
GSN Regional: GSN New Euslania | GSN Mid-Eurcasic | GSN Midcenter | GSN North | GSN South

M-Pix Media:
M-Pix | M-Pix Xtreme | M-Pix Stories | M-Pix Family | M-Pix Beyond | M-Pix Fun | M-Pix Diva | EncorePix | EncorePix 2 | AudiencePix | FilmPix | WorldPix | Movix | Movix Extra

Omega Motion Pictures Group:
Film production:
Omega Pictures | Omicron Films | Beta Films | Omega Alpha | Jenivs Studios4

Television production/distribution:
Omega Television | Omega Television Distribution | Omega International Television

Home entertainment:
Omega Home Entertainment

M&V Music Group:
M&V Records | Omega Records

Other assets:
Omega Interactive | Globecom Cable | Globecom Telecommunications | Globecom Radio | Globecom Hispanic | Globecom International | Globecom Arena

Foxtel | Fivetel | Reality Network | Fox Sports | Fox Deportes

1Joint-venture with Omni World Media.
2Joint-venture with the Hisqish Intersuperior Sport Association.
3Joint-venture with the Hisqish Football League.
4Joint-venture with The Herald Media.


The Herald Media, Inc.
The Herald Publishing:
National newspapers:
The National Herald | The Business Herald

Regional newspapers:
The Kaintor Herald | The Ailster Advertiser | The Hidfrein Herald | The Beleins Herald | The Saint Frank Advertiser | The South Herald | The Nancouver Chronicle | El Heraldo de Bahía Desano | O Heraldo de Porto Luz

Atlansia Today | The Counter | Vanities | ReporTV | Docucenter | Euslanian Adventure

Global Radio Group:
AM/FM stations: Global Radio Network | Global Sports Radio
Digital stations: TBD
Global O&O stations: TBD

Jenivs Entertainment:
Jenivs Comics | Jenivs Studios1

The Herald International:
The Geerlesia Herald | The Business Herald Eusloida

Euslanian Channel Group:
Euslanian Food Channel | Euslanian Home Channel | Euslanian Travel Channel | Euslanian Music Channel

Other assets:

Related companies:
Globecom Corporation

1Joint-venture with Omega Pictures.

The Herald Media
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