The Jeepers! was opened in Tyono in May 1997. All locations are open all year long.

There are ten Jeepers! areas in Tyono. Each area has different attractions, such as how White Jungle has a bowling alley and Black Forest has the "Python Pit" kiddie coaster.

Jeepers! Tyono

1997 - 2001

Jeepers! (Tyono) 1997 logo.png

The first logo used was surprisingly different from other areas. It had the "Jeepers!" in big, spaced-out, letters and "Tyono" in little letters.

2001 - 2004

Jeepers Tyono.jpeg

In April 2001, the logo changed to look more like the other ventures worldwide.

2004 - 2009

In August 2004, Jeepers! adapted the look used worldwide. Unlike the previous logo, this logo does not have the "Tyono" part in the logo.


2009 - present

Jeepers! logo.jpg

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