Hokusei (Japanese: 北勢), officially the State of Hokusei (Japanese: 北勢国), is a sovereign country in the Asikai region. Hokusei is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy and is governed by the the Emperor Nakahito and by the Prime Minister Yasuhiro Sugai. Its capital and largest city is Saikyo and its official language is Japanese.

Akigawa Shogunate


Flag of the Akigawa Shogunate.png

Empire of Hokusei



Flag of Hokusei (1874-1944).png

Allied Administration of Hokusei


Flag of Hokusei (1944-1950).png

With the end of World War II, Hokusei was occupied by the United Republics and Bisterdan Union forces with the collaboration of Istia, Nagmolia, Neurcasia and New Eusland. All national symbols were banned and this flag was used as a civil and naval ensign during the occupation of Hokusei.

State of Hokusei


Flag of Hokusei.svg
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