Hisqaida's geography is divided into 33 constituent entities knows as republics, commonwealths, federated boroughs (similar to a city-state) and territories. It's not included the territorial claim of the Hisqish Antarsic Territory as a official constituent entity, being dependant of the Republic of Wadeyan as a special territory.

Constituent republics

Flag Name Official language Capital Largest city Population ISO Code
Flag of Nueva Hisqueña
República de Nueva Hisqueña Spanish Estelia Bahia Desano 18.724.122 NH
Flag of Ikeriath
Stavkel Vidpubik daj Eikavjat Eikaroth Itfoch Itfoch 2.803.115 IK
Flag of São Clerens
República de São Clerens Portuguese and English Nova Victória Porto Luz 10.204.611 SC
Flag of Dolinia
Repubblica de Dolinia Italian and English Miyazio Romingia 6.033.122 DL
Flag of Wadeyan
Republic of Wadeyan Spanish and English Luyiari Luyiari 1.083.196 WY
Flag of Caelestis
Republique du Caelestis French and English Eiviégne Eiviégne 892.311 CS


Flag Name Official language Capital Largest city Population ISO Code
Flag of Olsath
Commonwealth of Olsath English (Spanish is official in two districts) Olsath City Olsath City 1.873.660 OL
Flag of Bodiskia
Commonwealth of Bodiskia English Ulifath Ulifath 4.965.112 BK
Flag of Ariadis
Commonwealth of Ariadis English Levings Girloutte 6.432.772 AD
Flag of Garone
Commonwealth of Garone English Astire Hidelstire 4.719.121 GR
Flag of Nadyaho
Commonwealth of Nadyaho English Hoffbrant Hoffbrant 5.650.222 NY
Flag of New Ikslen
Commonwealth of New Ikslen English Port Trawsow Port Trawsow 9.537.123 NI
Flag of New Euslania
Commonwealth of New Euslania English Beleins Montany 12.637.988 NE
Flag of Hidfrein
Commonwealth of Hidfrein English Riverseidh Riverseidh 1.612.345 HF
Flag of Brunswalth
Commonwealth of Brunswalth English Juilware Arland 6.793.127 BW
Flag of Lostork
Commonwealth of Lostork English Lostork City Doston 8.533.116 LT
Flag of Baniton
Commonwealth of Baniton English Flaint Istianapolis 7.392.041 BN
Flag of Jeritaide
Commonwealth of Jeritaide English Saint Frank Ailster 23.654.550 JT
Flag of Kismaria
Commonwealth of Kismaria English Horks Horks 4.176.952 KR
Flag of Sackthalij
Commonwealth of Sackthalij English (native language Sackthelun is official in three districts) Ragoon Ragoon 1.493.222 ST
Flag of Yunik
Commonwealth of Yunik English Ranugti Priliem 2.509.126 YK
Flag of Geesiotta
Commonwealth of Geesiotta English Duhio Tadwaters 5.312.111 GT
Flag of Lilstario
Commonwealth of Lilstario English Lunens City Pilsnein 2.912.598 LI
Flag of Rivadei
Commonwealth of Rivadei English Oswreth Lountairs 15.184.474 RD
Flag of Saint Demingher
Commonwealth of Saint Demingher English (Spanish is official in three districts) Saint Demingher City Saint Demingher City 3.192.235 SD
Flag of Idavsia
Commonwealth of Idavsia English New Alcks Wallkens 3.483.555 IV
Flag of Vristol
Commonwealth of Vistrol English Kleusville Albawood 4.816.985 VT
Flag of Taijar
Commonwealth of Taijar English Schneiter Baidenburg 3.569.864 TJ
Flag of Burtmound
Commonwealth of Burtmound English Einchester Nancouver 7.841.322 BT

Federated boroughs

Flag Name Official language Population ISO Code
Flag of Kaintor
City of Kaintor English 3.812.233 KT
Flag of Hisqalia
National Capital District/Distrito de la Capital Nacional Spanish and English 2.438.845 NCD


Flag Name Official language Capital and largest city Dependent of Population ISO Code
Flag of Reeksibia
Reeksibia Jahir, Spanish and English Weidapu Federal Government 685.121 RS
Flag of Vera Cruz
Territory of Vera Cruz English and Spanish Zareth Federal Government 134.589 VC
Flag of the Hisqish Antarsia
Hisqish Antarsic Territory/Territorio Hisqaidense Antársico Spanish and English Republic of Wadeyan 512 HA
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