GRT Cheyenne's programming is mainly composed by content imported from GRT's main channels (GRT One, GRT Two, GRT Three and GRT Four) and some imported from sister network Channel 4. Due to Cheyennian television laws, the channel also has the obligation of airing national content, most of them imported from sister network CTV. However, the channel doesn't air ITV Studios-produced content for these networks, being broadcasted on ITV Choice.

Current programming

News programming

Imported from the GRT

Original programming

Drama programming

Imported from the GRT

Comedy programming

Imported from the GRT

Reality programming

Imported from the GRT

Imported from Channel 4

Imported from CTV

Game shows

Imported from the GRT

Sports programming

Broadcast television:
Cheyenne Television (HD):
Ici Télé-Cheyenne (HD):
Cheyenne Televisjkar i Radiu (HD):

Specialty television:
English-speaking television channels:
CTV News Network | GRT World News1, 2 | CTV Sports Network | CTVe | GRT Cheyenne1 | CTV Kids | GRT Kids1 | Documentary Channel | GRT Gapia1, 2 | Lif | GRT Lifestyle1, 2 | CTV Music | CTV World4
French-speaking television channels:
Ici RDI | Ici ARTV | Ici Explora | TVF Quillec Cheyenne3 | Unis3 | TVFMonde3, 4

Radio stations:
English networks:
Cheyenne Radio One | Cheyenne Radio Music | Cheyenne Radio 3 | Cheyenne Radio 3 Classic | Cheyenne Radio Country
French networks:
Ici Radio-Cheyenne Première | Ici Radio-Cheyenne Musique | Ici Radio-Cheyenne Musique Chansons | Ici Radio-Cheyenne Musique FrancoCountry

Cheyenne Radio One O&Os:
Cheyenne Radio Music O&Os:
Ici Radio-Cheyenne Première O&Os:
Ici Radio-Cheyenne Musique O&Os:


1In association with the GRT.
2Distribution only.
3In association with TVFMonde Média.
4Available only outside Cheyenne.

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