Frauntopia Today Britania (often shortened to FT Britania) is an Britanian basic cable and satellite news television channel that is owned by Frauntopia Today and Grupo Britano de Comunicaciones Internacionales (GBCi). Just like it's counterpart. it provides non-stop news, weather forecasts, etc.


FT Britania.png

In a joint venture between GBCi and Frauntopia Today, FT Britania was launched, on September 28, 2015.

Broadcast television networks in Britania
Nationwide broadcast networks:
RTB Uno | ZITV | Canal 5 | Azulvisión | Nuove

Nationwide speciality channels:
RTB Dos | ZI2 | ZINews | RTB 24 | Bubble | Azul Dos | TVCDB | Viale | Arte | CNN Britania | FT Britania | SMN Britania | La Esperanza

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