Eusqainia (French: Eusqainie), officially the Eusqainic Community (Spanish: Comunidad Eusqaínica, Portuguese: Comunidade Eusqainica, French: Communauté Eusqainique) or Euscom, is a political-economic union of three neighbouring states in Austral Atlansia: Eusloida, Hisqaida and Jysania, also including the territory of Reeksibia.

The name Eusqainia is formed from joining the three letters of each founding country's name – Eusloida, Hisqaida and Jysania – and was first used to name the customs agreement that initiated the union (signed in 1989). The name is also used to refer to the geographic, economic and cultural grouping of these countries like Trapanand, which is the geographical region where these countries are located.


Flag of Trapanand
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