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El Once (English: The Eleven), formerly known as Red UCS and Universidad Católica de Surodecia Televisión, is one of the Surodecian major television networks, being owned and operated by the Surodecian media company Mundo Once Media. The network is headquartered in Borvis, Eritía, with major production facilities and operations in Borvis and Acora, Acora.

Universidad Católica de Surodecia Televisión


UCSTV 1959.svg

In July 1st, 1959, El Once was launched as Universidad Católica de Surodecia Televisión, known by its acronyms UCS Televisión and UCS TV. UCS Televisión was fully-owned and operated by the Pontifical Catholic University of Surodecia until 2008.



UCSTV 1961.svg


UCSTV 1963.svg


UCSTV 1971.svg

In June 28th, 1971, UCS Televisión introduced its new logo designed by a Surodecian logo designer Juan Carlos Díaz.


UCSTV 1977.svg

In March 28th, 1977, when color broadcasting started, UCS Televisión updated its logo. The design was modified and inspired by the Neurcasian television network Independent Broadcasting System (IBS)'s logo. This logo was the same design as the screen of the colours of the spectrum, with the former logo now only used as one-color variant. The logo was designed by the graphical department of UCS Televisión.


UCSTV 1986.svg

The logo without its "TELEVISIÓN" wordmark was used as the secondary logo of UCS Televisión.


UCSTV 1986 2.svg

In 1986, UCS Televisión slightly modified its logo. The screen was turned into the ring, which makes nearly similar to IBS' logo. Its idents were produced by B&M Producciones S.A.


UCSTV 1991.svg

In 1991, its "TELEVISIÓN" wordmark was moved to bottom of the logo and its font was changed. The new branding was designed by Renaissance Studios S.A.




Red UCS 1997.svg

In March 31th, 1997, UCS Televisión was renamed Red UCS (English: UCS Network) and updated its logo into a new three-dimensional design. Red UCS also introduced a new slogan, El Canal Que Ves (English: The Channel That You Watch). The Emissora Independente-inspired logo and branding were designed by Renaissance Studios S.A., who designed the 1991 logo.


Red UCS 2003.svg

In 2003, its logo was slightly updated.

El Once UCS


El Once UCS.svg

In 2008, Grupo El Mundo acquired 60% shares of Red UCS, formerly one of the owners of TVC. In March 30th, 2009, Red UCS was rebranded as El Once UCS and introduced its new logo and its new slogan, Sea Feliz (English: Be Happy). The new logo dropped its spectrum colorscheme, but 4 colored versions were also introduced instead of it. The new name, El Once was came from its own channel frequency.

El Once



El Once 2009.svg

In June 1st, 2009, El Once UCS dropped the longest-used "UCS" name for the first time and renamed to El Once.


El Once.svg

In March 31st, 2014, following its 55th anniversary and the rebrand of Mundo Once Media, El Once updated its logo into a new flat design. El Once added back its spectrum color scheme from its logos used between 1977 and 2009. The logo and branding were designed by Galaxia Visual S.A.

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