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Democratic Hope Party


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Political parties in the Republic of the Vradivan Islands
Vradiva First: (Centre left; Centre and centre-right parties; 72)
Vradivan Justice Party (Big tent; 25) | Democratic Hope Party (Center-left; 15) | Social Democratic Ecologist Party of Vradiva (Center-left; 13) | Equality (Center-right; 11) | Independent Party of Vradiva (Center; 8)

Liberal Initiative for Vradiva: (Center and center-right parties; 16)
Revolution of the Liberals (Center-right; 10) | Vradivan Force (Center-right; 3) | Party of the Vradivan Social Ecologist Citizenship (Center; 2) | Union for a People's Movement in Vradiva (Center; 1)

Together for Pazifikia: (Secesionist parties; 7)
National Party of Pazifikia (Center-right; 4) | National Liberation Camera of Pazifikia (Center-left; 3) | Pazifikian Union Party (Right-wing; 0) | People's Consciousness Party of Pazifikia (Left wing; 0)

New Vradiva: (Left wing and centre left parties; 5)
Social Communitary Party of Vradiva (Left wing; 3) | Freedom for All (Center-left; 1) | Socialist Party of the Roterlanese Vradivan People (Center-left; 1)

Republican Alliance for Vradiva: (Right and center-right parties; 5)
People's Party of Vradiva (Center-right; 3) | Minority Force (Right wing; 1) | Christian Party of Vradiva (Center-right; 1)

Other parties in the Parliament: (10)
Movement for a Purest and Glorious Vradivan North for the World of Today (Big Tent; 3) | Islamic Compromise of Vradiva (Right-wing; 3) | Labourist Democracy (Center-left; 2) | The Party to Protect the People from Organizaciones Mundo (Big tent; 2)

Without representation in the Parliament:
Reform Party of Vradiva (Center-right; 0) | Vradivan Renewal Party (Right wing; 0) | Vradivan Renewal Party (Right wing; 0) | New Western Party of Vradiva (Center-right; 0) | Party from the Heart of Trancasia (Far-right; 0) | Quality Party of Vradiva (Center; 0) | Proletariat Party of Vradiva (Far-left; 0)

Defunct parties: East Democracy | Ecological Citizenship Party | Citizen Democracy | Solidary Movement of Vradiva | Vradivan-Arabsic Liberals | Vradivan Workers Pact (Coalition)

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