This article is about channel formerly known as The Paramount Channel. For the current channel, see Paramount Network (Anglosaw).

The Paramount Channel


Paramount ch idblue95a

The channel was launched in 1995 as The Paramount Channel.

Paramount Comedy (first era)


Paramount Comedy 1997

The Paramount Channel was rebranded as Paramount Comedy in 1996.

Paramount Comedy Channel


Paramoun Comedy Channel 2000

In 1997, 'Channel' was added to the end of the name but the logo didn't have a blue box until 1999.

Paramount Comedy (second era)


Paramount Comedy 2002

Paramount Comedy dropped "Channel" from its name.

Paramount Comedy 1


Paramount Comedy 1

A number 1 was added to the name in 2004 following the launch of sister channel Paramount Comedy 2.

Comedy Central


Comedy Central UK

Paramount Comedy was relaunched as Comedy Central in May 2009 to match international variations of the channel.


Comedy Central 2011 Logo


Comedy Central 2018
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