Claxson Interactive Group is a Hisqaida-headquartered Rencuesian media company founded in 2000, being responsable for the production and distribution of several cable channels in Latin Atlansia. The company is owned by the Rencuesian conglomerate Grupo Cisneros and is also a shareholder on Latin Atlansian Entertainment Media (owner of the TVCine suite, Atlansian Network, Primetime Network and the distributor of WWA Network and GFC Network in Latin Atlansia).


Claxson Interactive Group
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1In the absence of the Spanish localized feed, the international version is distributed.
2Under license from Bell Media.
3Under license from Playboy Enterprises.
4Under license from Private Media Group.
5Under license from Penthouse Global Media.
6Under license from MindGeek.
7 Joint Venture With Hearst Corporation and Montano Media.

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