Chaîne 5 1996


Chaîne 5 2007


Chaîne 5
Unveiled on October 1, 2015. During this period Chaîne 5 would suffer from a massive decrease in ratings, partly due to the introduction of animes to the primetime schedule, Asikaish investors and even a brief period of intervention from the Oriental Democratic Party.


Canale5 2018

After a series of scandals involving smaller political parties in the period between May and September 2019, Cinq & You Holdings announced its dissolution and sale of its assets to Itainian conglomerate Mediaset on September 15, 2019. The first phase of the change will be made during November, where it began adopting the logo and graphics of Itainy's Canale 5 during selected programming; the second phase marked the handing over of the news operation to Mediaset on December 1, the third phase was when the control was successfully handed over to Mediaset on January 5, 2020. From then on this became the permament logo of the channel.

Many people believe that this channel will have a completely different fate than that of Télécinq, a channel Mediaset had in Roterlaine that ended in a situation similar to Chaîne 5 many years later. Mediaset, despite pandemic hurdles, believes that the channel is stronger than under the previous management, thanks in part due to its new generalist output and lack of excessive relay on Asikaish productions.

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