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Canal 9 1989

The original colourful logo was designed by Néstor Leaplaza and launched for the first time the same day who the channel was launched; November 9, 1989.

The first on-air package used between 1989 and 1992 was designed by several artist at the graphical departament in Canal Nueve. Later the 1992's on-air package was development by KUARTZ, Ltd. and finally in 1997, a new on-air package was launched designed at El cuarto de Máquinas, S.A.


Canal 9 1999 B

In January 4, 1999, Canal Nueve relaunched his logo with the blue as the main color, dropped the multi-color brand used since their launch in 1989. The rebrand was created between the centralian brand-agency MOVE Visual Entertainment, Ltd. and a in-house brand and marketing division.

In 2001 a crystal blue logo was launched designed fully in-house and quickly dropped in April 2002, when a new crystal logo was launched, designed by Raymundo Sagredo at his brand-agency Artelia, S.R.L.


Canal 9 2004

Launched in April 2004 as the 15th anniversary celebration. The logo and on-air branding was doned by Brainding, Ltd.

The blue ellipse was removed and the "9" was relocated at one side to the new wordmark, being the first time who the logo has a wordmark as a essential part of her.


Canal 9 Final 2 Horizontal

A revision of the previous logo was carried out in 2015 by the graphical department in Canal Nueve in association with Ojos Gráficos, S.A., who designed the brand package.

This time the font of "NUEVE" was changed and resized in order to fit it with the size of the nine symbol.


Canal Nueve nuevo

A new brand was announced in a press release in January 2017, commissioned again to Brainding, Ltd. The launch date was on November 9, 2017, the same day of Canal Nueve's 28th anniversary.


Canal 9 2019

Again, the channel is involved in a rebranding nearly a year later after the 2017's logo was launched for the first time. Launched in January 1, 2019 at the midnight.

Both logo design and branding were designed at DIGITAL ARTISTS, S.A. in association with the graphical department of the network.

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