CDdeuxA was a programming block on Deux that ran from October 2002 to early 2009. Initially hosted, it was inspired by the Roterlanese program KD2A (in fact, CDdeuxA came from Carrément Déconseillé aux (deux = two As) Adultes. The program was cancelled in 2006 in its initial format due to a conflict between Alphanim (who was producing KD2A in Roterlaine) and RTNB, and returned in late 2006 as a stop-gap measure showing animated series without hosts (Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Jet Groove, etc.). It was replaced by a Saturday edition of TeeWee aimed at CDdeuxA's demographic on Trois in February 2009, though the block was also shown on Trois upon its start, making its name partly inappropriate.




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