Burger King opened its first location in Eruowood in July 1961. Its 30th location opened on September 15, 1981 In Gaugon, Gwazi. It was (and still is) located inside a vacant church, rebuilt for more space and a playground (the playground was expanded to include a jungle gym and a party room for kids birthday parties by 2005).

In 2001, Burger King opened a restaurant in Jazzyton, Eruowood that was built in a Pan Am 747 plane. The plane's paint job has the 1994 to 2001 Burger King logo on its tail.

it is the second largest fast-food chain in Eruowood. Its main competitors are McDonald's , Wendy's and Subway .


Burger-king-mascot-logo 1957.jpg


Original Burger King logo.png

Used on some signage until 2001.


Burger king logo 2.png

Even after the logo changed in 1999, Eruowood still used 1994 logo until 2001, but the 1994 is still used on some signage on older stores.


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