Buenos Días Vrádiva (first era)


Buenas Tardes Vrádiva


During 1993 and 1996, due to the country's energy crisis, the channel started its broadcasts at 1pm, as a consequence the program was relegated to the said slot under the name of Buenas Tardes Vrádiva.

Buenos Días Vrádiva (second era)


Amanece Vrádiva


Used during the short-lived CVD era.

Buenos Días Vrádiva (third era)



In 2008, with the launch of new digital channels, new versions of the program were created, also calling itself as Bon Día Vrádiva (Tele34) and おはようブラディバ (Ohayou Buradiba; C24).


Good Night Hisqaida



During the FFAI World Cup Hisqaida 2018, the channel carried out this special version of the program during the championship.

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