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Athorpe logo 1991-2007.png

Though the company was found in 1991, it did not have an official logo until the launch of the Athorpe Box in 1994. A new slogan to much fanfare, "You Can" was introduced in 1997.



Athorpe logo 2007-2011.png

On January 2007, Athorpe dropped its yellow and blue colours along with its "You Can" slogan in favour of an entirely new brand image. The slogan was changed to "The Creative". The text became lowercase and is now based on an altered version of Avenir. The colours were switched to lime green and yellow.

The new logo however, was infamously known for having a frown on its logo.


Athorpe logo 2011-2012.png

On November 2011, the lime green colour was dropped in favour of simply orange. This logo was short-lived.


Athorpe logo 2012-2021.png

Shortly after on April 2012, the orange colour was dropped entirely in favour of a new colour scheme consisting of pink and purple. The Athorpe logo was updated to include the new colour scheme. This rebrand was criticized among many as it made Athorpe look too much like a women's brand despite being an consumer electronics brand.

On January 2016, Athorpe kept this logo however revamped their visual identity in hopes of making the company look more playful. This logo is currently still in use on some commercials as well as in products and services, consumer websites and country-specific/commercial social media accounts despite gradually being replaced with the new branding. The digital use of this logo will be phased out by Q3 2021 followed by physical use in 2022.


Athorpe logo 2021 (tentative).png

On January 14, 2021, Athorpe unveiled a new logo, ditching the infamous frown and Avenir text for the first time since 2007. The pink and purple colour scheme were dropped in favour of Rose Gold and Electric Blue to coincide the company's shift from a consumer electronics manufacturer into an Innovation + Lifestyle brand, thus this quirky colour scheme was introduced. A new slogan "Ideas that create" was also introduced.

The new Athorpe logo began roll-out after the company's short "New Brand Inauguration" event from February 15, 2021 having the logo come into effect on their corporate website and social media account. The rest of the new brand identity was unveiled on March 19, 2021 and at the same time, rollout began on country-specific/commercial social media accounts as well as their consumer website along with the launch of a new TV commercial worldwide. The full digital implementation is expected be completed by the third quarter of the year and all physical implementation is expected to be complete by 2022.

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