Anglosovic Satellite Broadcasting (ASB) is a television company headquartered in Lendrins, which provides direct broadcast satellite television services to the United Kingdom of Anglosaw. The company was announced to merge with Sky Television plc (now simply Sky plc) in November 1990, but such merger was blocked due to regulatory issues. As a result, ASB and Sky's operations and channels kept their separate identities. ASB started broadcasting on 14th September 1986 and has 10.6 million subscribers as of 2015. ASB's channels' diamond-base logos were introduced on 25th March 1990. ASB is currently owned by Anglosovic Satellite Broadcasting plc, whose shareholders are Orbitel Holdings, Pearson, ITV plc and Dixons Carphone. ASB's channel list originally had 5 channels, that number has grown since then.



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1Joint-venture with Minaria Publishing House and the Geia Institute.
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