Ambimus (stylized ambimus) is a Lammarese technology company founded in 1982 by Lammarese students Giacomo Lanœuil, Alessio Eischner and Ylenia Contralti, electrician Eugenio Brighini and entrepreneur Massimo Casseroli, headquartered in Castelletto (as LamSoft). The company is most known for the Instro operating system, available for computers and mobile devices, as well as Workplace, an office suite, and Kikero, an Internet browser. Being a software developer rather than a hardware manufacturer, ambimus often contracts other companies to launch new products. Pebble, a mobile device manufacturer, was initially a branch of this company.

Prior to 2006, the company's legal name was LECoBriCa Software SpA, while the company's trade name was LamSoft.



LamSoft 1982


LamSoft 1987


LamSoft 1998


In 2006, following the departure of Eischner, Contralti and Brighini, the company rebranded as ambimus, from Latin "ambīmus" ("we strive" or "we seek"), denoting the company's constant seeking for the best-quality software.


Ambimus 2006


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