A3 ltd were founded on 18th October 2002 in Bankburns, East Jetania. They are best known for the television network A3 Network. Their production company, A3 Productions, redubs reruns of old shows.

The company were formed by a partnership between Steve Freeland (b. 1986) and Hugo Yujiano (b. 1979) in March or April 2002 (sources differ). They started by redubbing Kirby episodes for Jetania. They eventually evolved into a company seven months later and they later bought DIC Network, rebranding it to their name.

As well as dubbing television shows, A3 have also made three cartoons of their own; Stereo Street, a female-targeted sitcom, Mushroom Wars, which is based off of the game by Creat Studios, and Robokip, a show about an artificial intellegent robot.


A3 Ltd Pre

This logo was only used in promotional artwork for the channel and for the first twelve episodes of Kirby, although the circle around the logo became part of A3 Network's logo from 2013 onwards.


A3 Ltd 2003

In March 2003, in preperation for the channel's rebrand, a new logo was revieled. It was used for twelve years.


A3 Ltd 2015

The new logo was reviled on 2nd September 2015.

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